Thursday, March 24, 2016

Little Book Memories

I've never been the best at keeping up with the books that I read with my boys, but this past year or so, I've even gotten horrible at keeping up with my own. I want to remember these things, though, so as motivation hits me, and memories and moments happen, I want to do better. Baby steps!

Our Current Read Aloud:

Tumtum and Nutmeg by Emily Bearn



Our aunt gave my Grasshopper the dinosaur research guide that goes with the first book last year. We ended up ordering Dinosaurs Before Dark, and the rest is history. Now I'm required to look for these books anytime I go to a used book store, and both Grasshopper and Firefly are excited when I come home with a new one. We've been using these some to go with our history studies this past school year, along with the Magic Tree House Research Guides. While I wasn't overly fond of the books at first, I have to admit they have been great for my boys. (Note: I did have to edit within the dinosaur books.)

We love Mercy Watson around here. I found the first 3 books at a thrift store several years ago, and this little pig has been special to all my boys.

The books say that Mercy is a girl. I have THE hardest time not calling this pig a boy, despite this being my third round through. I STILL refer to Mercy as "he". My mind just won't accept that this pig is a girl. I don't know why! It's a great struggle, though, and every time I read "she" in the book, which is pretty often, my mind rebels against it. I even try to remind myself that Mercy has purplish ears, but it's no use. ;) (Also, I can't remember if we've read past the first three books. One of the later books is called, "Princess in Disguise", so that might help my mind. I need to get a hold of those books, and see.) :P

Recently, my little Bumblebee brought the first 2 books to me from the shelf, and wanted me to read them. He actually listened well this time. He's been the biggest struggle for reading time, so I was thrilled! My Grasshopper couldn't resist jumping in beside me to listen, too.

(I decided to ask Grasshopper if Mercy is a boy or a girl. He answered: "Boy!" At least I'm not alone.)

I'm still (slowly) working my way through re-reading the Harry Potter series, but I've been surprised at how excited my Grasshopper is to read them. He has a few of the books that I've grabbed through the years. (It's rare that I see them when I'm out and about, unfortunately.) He thinks of these as precious treasures! We went on a 2 day trip recently, and he insisted that these books come with him. They HAD to come into the hotel room with us, too. It's all been a little surprising, but I won't complain. I haven't read any of them to him yet, nor has he read them himself(since he struggles with reading). He talks about Harry Potter a great deal, though, and has requested a book for his birthday. It's always amazing how much he picks up on things, even when I don't say anything about it. (My re-reading has been done on my kindle, so I haven't been toting the books around or anything, and I will probably attempt a read aloud of the first one soon.)

Super Happy Magic Forest is my Firefly's favorite book at the moment. He laughs hysterically when I read it, and he requests that I read it often. To be honest, I don't know why he finds the parts so funny that he does, but it's still sweet. There's lots of silly voice opportunities throughout, so I'm sure that's part of the appeal, and lots and lots of bright, fun pictures. (I did get this one for review, but will pay taxes on it, so it wasn't free. I don't know the legalities in these cases, so I mention it to be on the safe side.)

All my boys are pretty much past the ideal age for Goodnight Moon, but they ALL fell in love with it in their younger years. The first time I'd saw this book was when Grasshopper was born, and we got it as a gift. I remember looking through it, and wondering what all the fuss was about. There truly was something magical about the book for all of my little guys, though.


What are your favorite books right now?

Grasshopper: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Harry Potter, Magic Tree House, and Jurassic Park. (No, we haven't read Jurassic Park with him!) ;)

Firefly: Paw Patrol, Animals books, the Warren book(Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye), Mercy Watson

Bumblebee: PIG! (Mercy Watson AND Peppa Pig)



  1. I just finished reading Harry for the first time. (I did read book 1 years ago...)

    We've told M (age 9) she may read one a year. (Probably when she is 12 or 13 we'll let her finish the series, but I don't want her reading all of them too soon.) We also like Mercy. :)

  2. This post makes me smile! :D

    Tumtum & Nutmeg! GRINS!

    We just finished reading Harry Potter aloud to the kids and they all LOVED it! Appropriately scary and exciting. Mostly they just kept saying how "exciting!!" it was.

    And can I love the fact that Grasshopper picked The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as one of his favorites?! Because I do. :)