Thursday, February 18, 2016

Money Saving Mom: How Every Mom Can Earn More and Make a Difference by Crystal Paine


Entrepreneur, author, and popular blogger Crystal Paine shares the secrets of building income at home, using real life examples to from her own journey in becoming a money-making mom as well as the stories of other women from all walks of life. The nuts and bolts of how to make more money from home are revealed in clear steps that can be immediately and easily put into practice.

But more than just a how-to book for earning extra income, The Money-Making Mom is a challenge to dream big and create a pathway for life. Paine offers examples and insights about what "finding your purpose" can look like in family, career, and service to others. Readers will find inspiration and hope for a life that’s more than “just getting by,” one driven by vision and the freedom to bless others generously.

My Thoughts:

Though a fan of Crystal and her blog, I was hesitant to read this book just yet. At this point in my life, I feel like I have too many other ducks to get in a row before adding another one into the mix. I know life will never be perfect, but I feel maxed out at the moment trying to adjust to our new way of eating(32 pounds gone, y'all) and trying to find our semi-happy place with homeschooling.

That said, I decided to read it anyway. I have gained a great deal of encouragement from Crystal, both from her blog, Money Saving Mom, and her books. I decided it sure wasn't going to hurt anything. In the end, I'm truly glad I decided to read it! It has got my mind rolling on several options that fit ME and my family, as opposed to what's working for everyone else. I appreciate how much she's prepared me for when the time comes for me to help out more financially(Lord willing, while still getting to be a stay at homeschooling mom). She also encourages readers to read many other business books, so I can spend some of my reading time preparing.

I have tried several different things through the years to help out financially. Sadly, most of them were failures, but just as Crystal says in the book, they are bound to happen, and I've learned from those failures. Tupperware was my second attempt at selling items(before children). While I loved the products, it's not an ideal career for someone with severe social anxiety, like myself. I should have learned my lesson with the first home to home selling experience I had, but I didn't. I've been tempted by various other organizations that require selling, but I've resisted, based on my past experiences. Though I do have a blog, I don't care for it to "make it big". I start having heart palpitations when I see a new comment at Amazon. I give a huge sigh of relief when it's a nice one, and it simply makes me sad when it's mean. My skin isn't thick enough for successful blogging. When you cut out selling items and blogging, the options become much harder to think of.

Thankfully, Crystal gives tons of ideas and suggestions to get your mind rolling on the best thing you could do to make money. I made a few notes throughout, and my mind is now pondering on those notes. While this is a super quick read if you go straight through it, Crystal does encourage you regularly to stop and journal. She asks questions that really do get your mind rolling in various directions, beyond simply selling things or blogging, though those options are covered through the book

There are many stories scattered throughout, of successes and failures, both of which are an encouragement. Some of these examples are her own, but many of them come from readers and friends.

In the end, I believe most people will walk away with more ideas than when they started the book, and it's definitely beneficial if you're just getting started with making money. There's even advice about marketing and all, so I imagine it'd even be beneficial to those already in some sort of business. I can easily recommend it if you're looking for new ideas and advice on making money.

*I was provided an e-copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference

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  1. This book also sounds interesting! You've been reading some fun titles lately! :)

    But I have to make sure to say, "32 POUNDS!?!?!?!? THAT. IS. AWESOME!!!!" I lost 4 lbs. in January and just held steady in Feb. Chiefly because I started working at our Lego shop and, as you say, it feels like a load just to figure out the food thing. I'm trying to get back to it and keep losing instead of just maintaining. Working and earning some money is definitely time and thought consuming!

    1. JUST seeing this comment! I don't always get my notification emails, apparently.

      If I were working at a shop, I'm sure my loss would not be so great. (4 pounds is still awesome, though!!! I just had so MUCH extra to loose.) When we go out shopping or for appointments(which isn't too often), I end up cheating(with bread or pizza), because eating a salad gets tiring, and that's about my only option on plan if I don't think ahead(which I usually don't).

      I've been discussing different options for making money with (my)Jonathan and I agree that they are all time consuming.

  2. Wow. Congratulations on your weight loss. That's significant! I've been working on exercising regularly, though I haven't changed my eating habits.

    I took her Make Over Your Morning class. Good stuff. As you know, I've been working hard at writing recently. I'm thankful I can do it from home on my own hours. I tried tutoring...but kids need tutoring when I'm most needed at home. It just didn't work well. I haven't tried much else but am quite serious about writing though the blogging has taken a back seat. Sometimes our families just need us more than a few dollars is worth. Hugs!

    1. I'm the opposite. I've tried hard to get my exercising on a regular basis, as opposed to casual, but I have not succeeded yet. I'm proud of you for having the determination to exercise!

      Yes, I agree. Sometimes a few dollars just isn't worth it. I'm super, super proud of you with your writing efforts! THAT is always something that can be appreciated by your children now, and later in life. :)

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