Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope

For the past few years, Carrie has been the host(and creator) of the Reading to Know Classics Book Club. She has decided to bring the club to a halt(and I can't blame her), but I am very grateful for the years that she did it. I can't imagine the time invested in these types of online events, and I greatly appreciate all the encouragement to get into classics. While I didn't read every single month(by far), I did read several of the picks and I'm glad I did, even the ones I didn't like. I even discovered a favorite here and there, which was wonderful.

The December pick(by me) was The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope. While I can't say I loved it by any means, I am glad I read it. I think that's the case with most classics. Even when we hate them, at least we can mark them off the list. I was mostly neutral, overall, on with my impression of it. (Disliked parts and liked others)

Here's my thoughts that I wrote concerning the book, though.


I'm not sure what I was expecting with The Sherwood Ring, but I know it wasn't what I read. While this could be labeled as a "ghost story", it really doesn't fall completely in that category. Books involving ghosts are typically books I stay away from, though there are always exceptions. There's also some romance happening, but that mostly takes a backseat to the rest.

There are two stories happening within this book. One story takes place in present time(within the book, anyway), while the various ghosts tell a story, which includes them all, from a different time period. It's all really one big story, but I found some of the viewpoints more interesting than others. The story from the past takes up much more of the book than the present one, but some of it was a bit boring.

There was one issue within the book that took up such a small part of the book, but it made me dislike it more than anything else. I know the story takes place in the past, but I couldn't tolerate how the women were talked to. I can't say for certain, because it didn't happen, but if my Jonathan had called me an idiot while we were dating, I can't imagine I would have made the same choice I did. Another man calls his sister a nitwit at one point, and they seem to have a loving relationship. I wanted to smack some of the men upside their heads! It does seem I have issues with men in older books more often than not, though.

The ending was super corny, and I can't say I loved it, but I really did mostly enjoy the story. That said, I'm pretty confident I wouldn't have finished it had it not been the book I picked for everyone to read.


Have any of you read this book or anything by Elizabeth Marie Pope? It seems I might have had better luck with The Perilous Gard, but I have such big plans for my reading this year(another post) that I can't say for sure I want to make it a priority on my list. I might if anyone thinks it's worth my time, though! :)

Plus, for my own sake, because I like remembering little things about the books I read: I ordered my copy from Abebooks. It looked very old, though the copyright said 5th printing, 1958. Sadly, though, it appeared that I was the first person to have ever read it. Several of the edges of the pages were sealed shut, making it pretty much impossible for anyone to read the enclosed pages. I had to tear them apart to get inside. Things like that always make me sad for books.


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  1. I read this about 10 years ago but I remember really liking it. I was reading a lot of vintage YA at the time and I liked the historical/contemporary juxtaposition. The ghost thing did take me by surprise :)