Friday, January 8, 2016

My 2016 Reading Challenges

I've wanted this year to be a year of growth for me. I feel like I've wandered through life not growing like I should be. The reading challenges that I've chosen this year will help with that, I believe, in various ways. I've chosen this year to commit to more challenges(or at least greater challenges than normal), as opposed to just reading what comes along, to have the extra encouragement to read like I should. Plus, there's just great satisfaction in marking something off a list! ;)


Most importantly, I hope to make it through the Bible a couple of times, because I very much need as much Bible as possible right now. I debated greatly whether  to mention this, and was hesitant to do so, but The Bible IS the most important book, and I don't want to come off like it isn't. My attitude stinks horribly, though, and this challenge is my top priority.

The congregation I worship with has a pretty awesome Bible reading plan that I'm loving so far. Each Sunday is dedicated to the Epistles, Mondays to Law, Tuesdays to History, Wednesdays to Psalms, Thursdays to Poetry, Fridays to Prophecy, and Saturdays to the Gospels. I'm attempting to double up on the readings each day, but so far this is perfect for me. 


L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge is during the month of January, so it's happening right now. I've loved participating in this challenge for the last several years.

This year, I want to make it through as many of the Anne books as possible, starting with Anne of Avonlea. I would love to make time for the movies, too! (the ones accepted as part of the challenge)


The 2016 Reading Challenge
created by Tim Challies

No. I'm not promoting Challies as someone to follow. I'll just leave it at that.

That said, this reading challenge is pretty awesome, and there's tons of room for growth with the categories listed within it. I DO recommend it! While there are various levels listed, I'm ignoring all that, and simply reading as many of the them as possible, no matter which level is involved. There aren't specific books mentioned, but specific suggestions instead, leaving me room to pick my own reading choices.

I won't list ALL my choices, because I do want to leave some spur of the moment options available to me, but here are a few I've decided on:

A biography: Joy: Poet, Seeker, and the Woman Who Captivated C.S. Lewis by Abigail Santamaria (I started this one last year, but had to send it back to the library before I was finished.)

A book by C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien: I really want to make it through the Space Trilogy by Lewis AND Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  

A book I own, but have never read: The Pigeon Pie Mystery by Julia Stuart

A book about food: Something by Michael Pollan(whichever one I can get my hands on)

A book of comics: I would LOVE to read the whole adventures of Bone by Jeff Smith!

A book by your favorite author: I failed to read anything last year by one of my most favorite authors, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and I'm ashamed of that. I want to catch up.

A book of poetry: The Poems and Prayers of Helen Steiner Rice (I've read a bit here and there from this one, and have enjoyed it. I'd like to read through all of it, though.)

A book recommended by a family member: My Jonathan doesn't read these days, but he does remember The Odyssey and There's a  Boy in the Girl's Bathroom by Louis Sachar fondly. I'd like to read those, and see what I think of them.

A book about prayer: Praying Backwards by Bryan Chapell

A book about science: Christian Men of Science by Mulfinger and Orozco

I'll leave my choice at that for now, and add as I go along.


I fully planned on doing The Modern Mrs. Darcy 2016 Reading Challenge also, but I realized that the choices there were pretty much on Challies' list, too, so I decided to skip it this year. There's only 12 books on it, but there's still plenty of opportunity to stretch your reading, too, if you'd like to check it out.


Did you commit to any reading challenges this year? I'd love to hear about them. I'd be happy to take reading recommendations for my challenges, too! :)


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  1.'ve piqued my interest in the Challies Reading Challenge. I might just have to pop over and check that out! Ohhh but then I have to stop myself because I've already overcommitted and I just need to be free to read! However, I also understand exactly what you are saying about reading to grow. I don't feel like I did that at all last year. (I think we all grow, regardless, but not in such a pointed and educated, thoughtful way sometimes.)

    It took me FOREVER to get into a reading plan with the Bible. I do think it's a matter of finding what plan of action works best for us as individuals. Glad you found something that you like.

    Lastly, I hope you do get to the (approved) Anne movies under the challenge. ;) Haha!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!