Thursday, December 17, 2015

Whatever is Lovely: A Coloring Book for Reflection and Worship

WaterBrook Press (December 15, 2015) 96 pages


Color your way to peace and worship.

We live in such a busy, hectic world—but what waits for you inside this cover is a way to quiet the noise, express creativity, and spend some sweet time with God. Each page features an original design from one of a dozen different artists, beautifully illustrating a contemplative quote from an inspirational writer, a beloved hymn, or Scripture.

When we create, we echo the heart of our Creative God who designed everything and gave us the capacity to recognize beauty.

So go ahead! You have permission to pick up your colored pencil and be reminded of truth in a fresh way.

My Thoughts:

I started trying a bit of scripture journaling awhile back. I was super excited about it at first, but I don't do it near as often these days. While I know "practice makes perfect" and all, sometimes one must admit that a talent for something just might not be in one's future. That's the way it is with me and art, and crafts for that matter. While I'm not quitting by any means, it IS nice to just color and reflect on scripture with the help of another person's beautiful artistic talent. (I use the phrase "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!" much too often, especially teaching reading to allow myself to quit anything these days.) ;)

There are Bible verses, quotes, and hymns within the pages, all by various authors. The coloring pages are also drawn by various artists. They're all lovely, though, as the title suggests.

The coloring pictures within this book aren't near as detailed as many coloring books these days. They're much more simple. That might be a positive or negative for you, depending on your tastes. Personally, I have a couple of more detailed coloring books already, so I don't mind this one being a bit more simplistic.

Each picture is only on the front of the page. The back is empty, other than the name of the artist(s), and a bit of information about the page/quote/hymn, etc on the front side(NOT the page beside it, as I initially thought).

Overall, I'm thrilled with this coloring book! I'm also thrilled that adult coloring books have become so popular, giving me so many choices. I don't typically care for jumping on bandwagons and all. I actually detest it a bit! :P I already loved coloring before this bandwagon came rolling through, though, so I don't mind so much in this case. ;)

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Whatever Is Lovely: A Coloring Book for Reflection and Worship



  1. This looks like a wonderful way to relax! :)

  2. M got this for Christmas! Looking through it we enjoyed the quotes and verses.