Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello, Everybody!

Hello, everybody!

How was your July/start of August? Any fun/happy things happen? I've been thrilled to see all the great news through my blog feed. There's been quite a lot with blogging friends to celebrate!

One of them: Kathryn Cooper is an author! :D I met Kathryn at some point in blogging, and she's a friend I'd love to meet in person. I'm super happy for her and proud of her. She recently battled brain cancer, so this great news is even more special after her getting through that challenge.

I'll post more soon, but here's a bit about it for now.

Aspen Everlasting


Aspen Foster thinks she’s just a normal sixteen-year-old, but when her car’s caught in a flash flood, Aspen and her sister discover the superhuman strength they never knew they had.

Soon Aspen learns she’s not normal at all. She’s an Evermortal fairy, with powers beyond her wildest dreams. But the more Aspen finds out about her family’s past, the more dangerous her future becomes.

This riveting fantasy is full of action, adventure, and romance. Suspenseful and exhilarating!


What have you been reading? Any good recommendations?

I did take on a review book here and there, but I've been enjoying freedom in my schedule. I saw Harry Potter mentioned one too many times by many, many friends, both in the blog land and on Facebook, so I've made my way back into that series. It had been a long time since I'd read them all, and honestly didn't know how much I'd like them at this point in my life. It turns out these books are like comfort reads for me. It's felt good to be back in them, and I've been amazed at just how much I'd forgot.

Any other Harry Potter fans out there, or have you not read the series yet? ;)


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  1. I read book 1 of HP years ago. I want to read the whole series now. :)