Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Words to Dream On: Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers by Diane Stortz, with Illustrations by Diane Le Feyer

Thomas Nelson (February 10, 2015) 224 pages


Start a bedtime Bible story tradition with your little ones tonight!

Young children thrive on routine and rituals, and a Bible story at bedtime is one of the best routines to establish! A combination Bible storybook and book of prayers, Words to Dream On is the perfect bedtime storybook for young children, with a “once upon a time” voice that is also true to God’s Word. Over 50 stories—from the Old and New Testaments—create an overview of the entire story arc of the Bible. Stories are selected and retold for young children with a focus on God’s love, care, protection, trustworthiness, and power.

Each story includes an engaging title, a Bedtime Blessing (a short summary thought), Words to Dream On (a brief Bible verse), and a Sleepy-Time Prayer (a good-night prayer tied to the theme of the story). The book also includes a short letter to parents that includes tested ideas for establishing a good bedtime routine with young children and tips for reading aloud to children at bedtime.
My Thoughts:

I've made it no secret that I adore sweet Bible "storybooks" We have many of them, and I can't seem to resist trying out new ones. My little ones love trying them out, too!

I love this one, Words to Dream On. Really, there's just something about books specifically made for bedtime that have a soothing quality to them. This one is no exception! It's a beautiful book, and it focuses on making God the focus in one's mind before drifting off to sleep. And, although this book is specifically made for bedtime reading, it can work perfectly fine for anytime of day. One would just not end their prayer with "Good night, God." ;)

Each Bible event re-wording starts with where it can be found in the Bible. You'll also get a Bible verse that somewhat ties into the lesson focus within the "story". There's the re-wording of the Bible event, along with pictures, a prayer to help your little ones along with their own, and lastly, a "Bedtime Blessing". A couple of examples of the "Bedtime Blessing": "God will fight for you." and "God's Word will give you wisdom."

The pictures are gorgeous! For my preference when it comes to Bible illustrations, these are at the top of the list. I seriously love them!

The re-wording within this book reminds me of how a teacher would tell a story in a Bible class. (My momma and I teach the 2 and 3 year old class for half the year at the congregation we attend.) It feels like active reading, not boring, monotone reading. The wording within this book makes it easier for me to stop and elaborate on something or ask a question(some are written within the lesson). It gets my little ones more involved, as opposed to just listening(or drifting off into la-la land). Of course, one could do all that with any book, but Words to Dream On makes it easier on me, and I appreciate that.

Overall, I just really like this book!

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Words to Dream On: Bedtime Bible Stories and Prayers



  1. Now I think the cover art on this title is especially beautiful. I love it.

  2. I like the look of this, but I cannot image what would happen to our shelf if we go even one more Bible storybook!