Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook: Cub Friendly Cooking with an Adult by Mike Berenstain

Zonderkidz (February 10, 2015) 96 pages

About the Book:

It’s The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook! Bear lovers everywhere are sure to find favorite recipes for fun food in this new kid-friendly, cookbook—ranging from Bear favorites that use honey and berries to delicious main meals and breakfasts, and even Berenstain favorites like Jan Berenstain’s famous Green Lasagna.

Featuring breakfast, lunch, main meal, and dessert recipes as well as kid-friendly cooking tips such as food and measurement conversions, this is sure to become a go-to cookbook for delicious and fun recipes kids can cook with an adult.
My Thoughts:

When I first started collecting and reading the Berenstain Bears books with my little ones, I quickly learned that I had a love/hate relationship with them. I've loved some, and greatly disliked others. But, it seems the more we read of them, the more of them we like. My boys were super excited when this one arrived in the mail!

This cookbook definitely centers around the Berenstain bear family, as opposed to just smacking them on the cover and putting some recipes on the pages. The recipes are divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Main Dishes, and Desserts/Snacks. In the back, there's a few extras: a sample prayer to say before eating, some "sweet facts about honey", kitchen measurements, and the final page shows the Berenstain bears cooking as a family, along with a Bible verse. Before each recipe section, there's a *mini* story. Each recipe gets a 2-page spread, which includes a picture of at least part of the family, the ingredients and directions, and a full page color picture of the finished product.

I love that most of the included recipes are real cooking! Of course, there's one for peanut butter and banana sandwich, which is perfect for my littlest one to "cook" or when there's no power. Most of them involve a stove or oven or griddle, though. They vary in simplicity, making it perfect for a parent with various aged children. Some of them only have a few ingredients, but some of them have quite a few. As the title says, this is definitely recipes to do WITH an adult(at least for younger children). They're simple, though, and I'm all about simple. To keep some of them so simple, there is things like cans of mushroom soup or cans of biscuits, a scone mix, tator tots, etc, included in the ingredients. I'm perfectly fine with this, but I'll mention it in case that bothers any of you. The recipes DO tend to request whole wheat breads, and includes lots of fruits and veggies and herbs, though.

This is a precious cookbook to share with little ones. My kitchen is short and narrow, and just tiny, overall. I'm pretty stingy with it, unfortunately. As important as I believe cooking with children is, I still need encouragement to do so, and this book has done just that.

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook: Cub-Friendly Cooking with an Adult (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights)



  1. I had no idea this existed. I have to find a copy soon!! So cute.

  2. I, too, have a love/hate relationship with these bears.

    This cookbook though looks like nothing but cute!

  3. I used to love these books (well the storybooks) as a kid. I've bought a few more recently for kids I babysat and still enjoyed looking through them - they're so cute! :)