Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shondreka Palmer(Double Book/Author Spotlight)

About Shondreka:

Raised in St. Louis, MO, after graduating high school, Shondreka Palmer moved south to TN. Attending the University of TN at Chattanooga, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Her pastimes are writing, reading, most outdoor activities and spending time with her son. She loves to exercise, especially hiking and all things health and fitness.


About Independently Raising a Man: Thoughts from a Single Mother's Perspective:

A positive, upbeat, inspirational book that provides support and advice on how to manage life as a single parent.
Getting the news that you are expecting a child is one of the greatest gifts in the world. Most people do not intend to be a single parent when starting a family. But for whatever the reasons, you are now faced with this challenge.

Life happens. The unexpected happens.

Single parenting is financially, mentally, and physically exhausting. But guess what? It's not the end of the world. You can do this and do it well! You and your child(ren) will survive. Though it comes with many challenges, it can also be very rewarding. It begins with you and your attitude towards it. You CAN successfully overcome all of the challenges of single parenting. In this book you will find insight and tips based upon my personal perspective and real life experiences that have helped me become successful throughout my journey of single parenting.
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About The Everday Mom's Guide to Being Fit and Fabulous:

Once you embark on the world of motherhood, life as you know it changes completely! Your world becomes extremely busy and it is no longer about just you! You have this (these) wonderful life (lives) that you are now responsible for. As moms, we become so consumed with taking care of everyone that it's easy to turn our back on ourselves and forget how important and necessary it is to set some time aside to take care of us. We also fail to remember that in order to keep our family healthy and strong, we must first be healthy and strong. Make a commitment to yourself to live a healthy lifestyle and join the 60 day healthy living challenge. Here are the ingredients: Start with healthy eating habits, add a dose of sweat, mix a little bit of determination, dedication and commitment - and there you have it!


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