Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easter Stories and Prayers by Kathleen Long Bostrum, with Illustrations by Elena Kucharick

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (February 1, 2015) 144 pages

My Thoughts:

I ADORE this book! BUT, I've changed several words when I read the stories, so that they fit better with our family.

Easter Stories and Prayers is a 4 in 1 book. Inside, you'll find:

Why is There a Cross?
Who is Jesus?
What is Prayer?
What About Heaven?

Each of the stories(rhyming poems, really) read like children asking questions in the first part, and then a "let's see what the Bible says" response in the last part. There are Bible verses listed at the top of each page to show the reader where the answer came from.

Why did I choose to change several words?

You may or may not know that my family doesn't celebrate Easter(or Christmas) as religious holidays. We take the Lord's Supper every first day of the week, and we remember Christ's Death and Resurrection at that time(and try to remember every day!). I'm simply not comfortable celebrating Easter and Christmas the way most choose to. (I don't judge others for doing so, though!) Therefore, I changed the words "Easter" to "Resurrection" and "Good Friday" to "a Friday". Some of you may be wondering why I would choose a book with "Easter" in the title, despite my beliefs. My little ones are constantly asking questions, and I don't always know how to answer them. This book looked like a perfect way to help me out with some of those questions. And, it is! I have no regrets testing it out with them.

Also, especially within "Who is Jesus?", the poem is written as if Jesus is talking. I'm typically uncomfortable with words being put into Jesus/God's mouth. This is mostly why I'm uncomfortable with Christian allegories. Now this is completely hypocritical of me, because one of my most favorite poems does *just that*! I'm pretty sure I've posted it on my blog before, and I love to share it with others. I'm grateful for God's grace and mercy that it seems I held this poem more special than His word at one point in my life. I tell you this, so you know I'm not judging, nor do I hold my opinion and my conscious above all others. I just want to explain for those of you who know my beliefs and then see this book, and wonder. (For me, there's always the great struggle with explaining myself, and just keeping my opinions to myself...which is hard when reviewing books!) ;)

So, during those times that Jesus is supposed to be talking within the poems, I just change the words I/Me to He/Him. I'm more comfortable with it that way, and I LOVE the message of all the books, so changing a few words to make it work for my family is okay with me. Within that particular poem, it opens a little one's mind to the fact that Jesus was like them as a child. He probably had a favorite food, and he laughed and cried, just like any other child.

This whole book is super precious, and the illustrations just add more sweetness to the pages. It can work with/for various Christian beliefs. Therefore, I can highly recommend it if you're like me and struggle through some of the sweet and innocent questions that come from curious little minds. I'm now curious to see some of the other "Little Blessings" books!

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Easter Stories and Prayers (Little Blessings)


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