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NKJV Note-Takers Bible


Finally, a hardcover Bible that has plenty of room for taking notes during public or private worship, small group fellowships, or any other time or place you feel the need to make comments on the Bible. No more cramped writing in tiny margins—the NKJV Note-Takers Bible makes it easy to stay organized and neat. Personalize the text of God's Word to your life as never before, and treasure this record of your spiritual journey. Includes the complete text of the popular New King James Version


•Deluxe wide margins for note takers
•Complete NKJV text
•Double column text for easy reading
•Words of Christ in red letter

My Thoughts:

I've been attempting to simplify my Bible study. My goal has been to greatly limit the amount of non-fiction books I read, as far as Biblical topics go, and simply rely on God's Word. There are exceptions, because I greatly value mommy encouragement, and I DO need a certain amount of guidance. That's why I greatly value my Study Bible with background information on people and places, even though I don't always agree with what they think. I don't think I could ever completely remove non-fiction from my life. Still, there's no encouragement like God's Word, and I find myself discouraged more and more at the amount of opinions and "feelings" that are at work in non-fiction books, and the disregard of what is truly in God's Word.

I've been greatly enjoying various Bible marking topics within my Bible. In case you don't know, Bible marking is where you write a topic in the front of your Bible, with a verse. When you turn to that verse, you will write a brief note, and an arrow with the next Bible verse. And, then keep going, doing the same. This means that with nothing but my Bible in hand, I'm always ready for a brief devotional, when motivation is especially low.
I like for Bible marking guidance. They are simply guiding you through the Bible, keeping opinions to a minimum. Aside from Bible marking topics, they also have lots of Bible studies. (You don't need anyone to create your own Bible marking topics, but I do like using some of their suggestions!) I also like for Bible study guidance. When I do search out Bible guidance, I mainly depend on them right now.

All of that to say, my Bible is getting more and more crowded with my notes, and I thought this Bible would be a good option. It turns out that it's not, unfortunately. The print is tiny. I think it will even be an issue for those who aren't so picky about font size, like me. Also, the space for note-taking wasn't quite as much as I imagined it would be, though there is a great deal more than the average Bible. (It's also *not* lined, in case that's important to you.)

I've been hanging onto it, trying to decide what I want to do with it, and honestly, I'm still not sure. With the space for note-taking, it IS beneficial, just not as a full time Bible for me. Within the top two main options I've been debating with is the wedding present Bible. I've saw recommendations for these kinds of Bibles to write notes and memories and give it to a child at a certain age, or even as a wedding present. I'm also considering using this Bible for the sole purpose of "child training" time, particularly to go along with our "virtue cards" and Bible learning time. I would write each virtue in the front, along with various Bible verses to go along with it, so I could easily locate the best verse to help with whatever lesson/discipline I happen to be working on at the moment. In the note-taking area, beside the verses, I could write songs, poems, activities, and even crafts ideas to go along with the lesson I'm working on passing through my little ones' minds(whether it's discipline time or simply Bible lesson time). With this method, I could still gift it to a set of parents down the road, after my children are grown. I dream of a simplified organization for our family, and I feel like this Bible has potential to help with that.

I know this is a lot of rambling. Imagine the jumbled state of my mind! This is just a sample. ;) I DO want to stress how much value this particular Bible could have, despite my disappointments for its intended purpose, though.

As a side note, this is a hardcover Bible, with a dust jacket, but there is an imitation leather edition available, too.

As another side note, I *highly* recommend Pigma Micron 01 pens for Bible marking/note taking!

Do you have any ideas for a note-taking Bible? I'd *love* to hear them!

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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