Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Armchair Cybils 2014

It's time for the Cybils again! Amy @ Hope is the Word is hosting the Armchair Cybils again this year, and I can't resist joining in, despite that fact that I'm horrible at challenges. Horrible! Y'all already know that, though, right? (Remember the Summer Reading Challenge I tried? Reading some REAL Jane Austen was yet again a fail for me. I can't give up hope, though!)

Every once in awhile, I bravely venture out of the safe(ish) world of children's and Christian books into the world of secular and adult books. That phase always leaves me running back to my safe little world. (Don't get me wrong! Children's and Christian books can be challenging, too!) As a challenge to myself, though, I read several secular non-fiction books and one adult fiction(Bitter Greens) that has left me so disturbed, that I'm seeking refuge in middle grade fiction to recover(as soon as I make my way through Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured, that is).

My goal for the Armchair Cybils is to spend most of my time focusing on the middle grade categories, in particular the speculative fiction category, which is probably my most favorite reading category. Between my library, Edelweiss, and Amazon Vine, I already have quite a few of them in my reading pile, both "real" and e-books. I've already read several of the nominated books, especially in the middle grade realm, too.

Don't forget to get your nominations in! Tomorrow is the last day. I'm excited to print off my final Cybils reading list for the next several months.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up.
    Good luck on your nominations.

  2. Ok, so clue me in--what is Edelweiss? (I mean, besides the lovely white flower that inspired the lovely song. ;) )

    I'm SO GLAD you're playing along!

    1. You should definitely sign up, Amy! It's a lot like Netgalley(which I regretfully had my account deleted), but the books are put up a bit sooner. I've heard it's almost impossible to be approved for requested titles, so I've never even tried. They do have immediate downloads, though, that go straight to your kindle(WITH the pretty cover). I've gotten a lot of children's titles through them, and LOVE them.

      Just go here to sign up. I'll be glad to help you from there if you need help!