Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Sunflower Blogger Award

Amber @ Seasons of Humility very sweetly passed this award on to me. Thank you again, Amber! :)

The rules:

Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions(provided by the award giver)
Then, ask some bloggers 11 new questions as you pass along the award.

11 Facts About Me:

1. Especially lately, I'm taking the idea of minimalism much more seriously. A whole lot of stuff has left our house! I'm very happy about this. Though it has mostly passed now that home repairs are just about done, I went through a spell where I wanted to sell our house, pack up our few belongings, and travel in an RV. Seriously! I tried to pass the phase with minimalistic fiction. (still taking recommendations if you have any!)

2. I HATE the taste of sweet bread/cornbread, EXCEPT Hawaiian bread. I could eat it with spinach dip all day. (Even through school as a child, I would never eat the sweet yeast rolls that came with lunch.)

3. I find it oddly very fun to catch flies on a fly trap. When they're landing on my babies on the porch, I grab a sticky roll and hang it nearby, and count how many I've caught every few minutes. I do a little *happy dance* on the inside when there's another one on there. (No worries. I DO keep the birds in mind when hanging the rolls.)

4. I share my food with my boys, EXCEPT my peach popsicles. When we get a new package of popsicles, I pull all the peach, watermelon, and green apple ones out, because that's the only ones I'll eat. I share the watermelon and apple ones IF they ask for them, but hands off my peach ones.

5. I hate having my picture taken, and it's rare that I'm in pictures, other than the ones we have done professionally. (I'm usually the one behind the camera, anyway, though I'm NOT a photographer in any form or fashion.)

6. That said, I'd love to take some photography classes, simply so I could take better pictures of my family.

7. I'm hoping to *start* learning calligraphy and Spanish this summer.

8. I have over 400 books on my wishlist at my library(e-books). :P (and it grows daily!)

9. Have any of you seen the discussion going around about how adults should embarrassed to read children's/YA books? The rebel in me picked up a YA book after seeing that just to prove how NOT embarrassed I am to read children's books! Plus, I'm loving all the C.S. Lewis quotes that support my lack of embarrassment!

10. On that note: I get excited about books, period, but there's nothing like holding a middle grade book in my hands. The covers are gorgeous and full of color and just plain FUN. Knowing there's an adventure tucked away inside always makes me excited. I recently requested my library order The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint. When it was placed in my hands, I had a hard time controlling the beaming smile and happy dance trying to burst through before leaving. I didn't want to scare the librarian, though! Words can't describe how excited I am to read this book, though!

11. I'm hoping to host a "Book Party" this fall(maybe September). I've wanted to do this for awhile, and I'm pretty excited about the possibility!

Amber's Questions:

1. What's one book you already know will go on your list of favorites for 2014?

I have such a hard time limiting myself to only one pick! ;) I'll do one non-fiction(Chasing God by Angie Smith) and one fiction(Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull).

2. What's one book you're looking forward to reading this summer?

Sorrow's Knot by Erin Bow

I HAD to have this book, and got it as a Christmas present. Review books just haven't given me the time to get to it yet. I'm still super excited about it, though!

3. What's your favorite type of blog post to read?

I love getting to know my bloggy friends better, so I really enjoy personal posts. Also, any post containing book covers really grabs my interest.

4. What's your favorite type of blog post to write/put together?

Book lists are probably my favorite. I miss doing those!

5. Hardcover or paperback?

I prefer my keeper books on my shelf to be hardcover, but oddly enough when I'm reading them, paperbacks are so much easier on my hands. I'm pretty neutral in this area, overall.

6. For paperbacks, soft cover (matte) or glossy?

I'm leaning towards glossy, but pretty neutral.

7. Which do you enjoy most: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Goodreads?

I enjoy them all, though twitter is probably the least enjoyed, just because I always feel kind of lost in a sea of chaos over there. I never know what to say, and feel like an oddball when I do tweet. Pinterest is a dream come true for someone without room in her brain for creativeness, BUT it tends to make me feel "not good enough". I just plain spend too much time on Facebook when it's activated, and it's activated for now. :/ My MIL called me wanting some pictures off my wall, but couldn't get to them, since I'd deactivated my account. Plus, I do have a few groups on there that are super helpful! And, Goodreads! What's not to like? ;)

8. Which national park or country would you most like to visit?

I don't know my national parks very well! I think I'd be happy to visit any of them. I've never been out of the South, and I'm terrified of planes, so I honestly don't know that I'll be visiting another country anytime soon.

9. What's your favorite genre of music?

I don't listen to a ton of music, but I really enjoy singers like Jason Mraz, Alex Preston(American Idol's top 3 this year), Micheal Buble, and Coldplay. Whatever you'd put their kind of music in is the genre I prefer.

10. Name one movie or TV show that surprised you recently.

Well, I only watch 2 TV shows(19 Kids and Counting and Once Upon a Time). I STILL haven't caught up on my DVR with Once Upon a Time, but I'm sure there will be some surprises for me there, since there's usually some shockers with that show.

11. What's your favorite flower?

I'm old fashioned here, but I love roses! Peonies are a favorite, too, though I've never saw one in "real life".


Now I'm supposed to pick bloggers to pass this award onto. I LOVE getting these things, but I'm always hesitant to pass them out, just because some people hate them. SO, if you're reading this, and you haven't been tagged yet, I tag you. :D Please come back and leave me a link, so I can get to know you better!!

Your questions: (which I've ended up mostly centering around books)

1. What book are you most looking forward to reading this summer?

2. What is one thing(subject/craft/anything) you'd like to learn more about?

3. If you could recommend one book to me, what would it be?

4. What is a book you're a little embarrassed to admit liking so much?

5. What are a few of your favorite things?

6. What is your dream vacation?

7. What is your "most often eaten" meal?

8. What's a book on your wishlist right now?

9. What's your favorite TV show at the moment?

10. What is your favorite Bible study book? (meaning a book that has guided you through God's Word)

11. What classic are you most looking forward to reading one day? Or, what classic do you most want to challenge yourself with reading?


Again, if you haven't already been tagged, I'm tagging YOU! Leave me your links! :D

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