Tuesday, June 10, 2014

30 Days to a More Beautiful You by Kylie Bisutti

30 Days to a More Beautiful You: A Devotional for Girls by Kylie Bisutti

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (April 18, 2014) 65 pages

My Rating: 3/5 stars

My Thoughts:

I grabbed 30 Days to a More Beautiful You when it was a freebie, not realizing that it was a devotional for girls until it was on my kindle. Since I do try to occasionally read books geared towards girls, not only for future recommendations for my nieces, but for other young girls, and this counts toward the Tyndale Summer Reading Program, I decided to move it up on my reading list.

I'm really torn on exactly who to recommend it to. It centers around focusing on inner beauty, as opposed to outer beauty. Shine from within! The devotionals are super short and basic. For the most part, I feel that young girls(tweens) would benefit from it the most. BUT, there are some references that would keep me from handing this devotional to a young girl. (The author briefly mentions having sex with a boyfriend and talks about her modeling career and some of the hardships involved with it. Really, everything mentioned is very brief!) All girls mature at different rates, though, so it's up to each parent, of course. I'd recommend reading it first before giving it to a young girl, though.

As far as for older girls, I feel that they can deal with so much more than the brief devotionals these provide. Again, they're very basic. As a quick little reminder, these are great, though! If your child is dealing with more severe self esteem issues and/or depression, I'd recommend something much more "meaty" than this book.

One more note. Many things mentioned felt like this book was meant to be a companion to Kylie's other book, I'm No Angel: From Victoria's Secret Model to Role Model. (I have it on my kindle, but I haven't read it yet, and therefore I'm not prepared to recommend it yet.) For example, names were mentioned like I was suppose to know who it was. Based on that, I'm **guessing** this book would have more value as a combined effort with I'm No Angel.

*At the moment, the kindle version of 30 Days to a More Beautiful You is .94 and the paperback is only .99, so it's definitely worth a chance if you're interested at all in reading the devotionals!

**This book counts toward the Tyndale Summer Reading Program.

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  1. I listened to I'm No Angel. This sounds like a winner for teens.