Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Choose Virtues (Part 1)

I was really excited when our set of We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards arrived. As with anything paper-wise we want to survive in our house, these made a quick trip through the laminator.

Each laminating sheet was a perfect fit for 2 cards. It was just a simple cut through the middle to separate them.

What's on each card?

On the front of each card is the virtue in discussion. (I am....gentle/self-controlled/diligent/etc) There's a brief definition of what each virtue is and isn't. There's also a Bible verse, along with a person and object/animal to help your child make a "virtue" connection.

On the back, there is a challenge to use in connection with each virtue. There's another mini definition of the word, along with an apology prompt. We get an explanation of the person on the front of the card, along with their object or animal. It's almost like a mini devotional. There's a section that has several suggestion on how to teach your children this virtue. (For example, on the gentleness card, it suggests making cookies and letting your children put "gentle" into practice. We substituted with "moon dough", though I'm sure cookies would have been less messy. ;))

They have been a huge hit with the boys(and me!) so far. Having a certain number of words, versus lots of words, have helped the boys. Also, having a person, with a name, and an object or animal to help them remember has helped them keep the connection better.

For example:

The card for "gentle" has a girl named, Jill. There's also a gerbil(which looks like an opossum to me, but the boys call it a mouse, so that's what we're calling it). Every time the boys are being mean to each other, mainly in the hitting/biting area, we pull out this card, or I say "Remember how we've talked about being gentle?" Grasshopper usually responds, "Like the mouse?"

I think it's easier for the boys to comprehend when I'm using the word "gentle", instead of "don't hit", "don't bite", "don't sit on your brother", "don't throw things". Of course, I still say those things, but it's now labeled under the word "gentle". It's simplified the process for them and for me.

We're loving these cards, and I can assure you I need the lessons and reminders just as much, if not more, than my boys.

A few things to note:
-These cards ARE thick and bigger than the average flashcard at 8.5" X 5.5". (I laminate anything, no matter how thick, if I want it to last awhile at our house.)
-This set comes with 13 cards.
-You can choose between NIV OR KJV Bible verses(Old Testament).
-This set comes with a free character assessment download.
-You can grab a set of We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards HERE.

Stay tuned for Part 2! I'm working on a project to help incorporate these cards into our days even more, with more Bible verses handy. I'm excited to finish that and share how it turns out.

*I was provided a set of the Parenting Cards, in exchange for an honest review.


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    1. These really were a great idea! We're enjoying them. :)

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