Thursday, May 29, 2014

Made by God: Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures: 4 Books in 1 (Made By God)

Zonderkidz (May 6, 2014) 128 pages

My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Thoughts:

Growing up, Creation based teaching was very mixed up in my mind with Evolutionist teaching, which is what is taught in schools. For example, it took me far longer than I want to admit to realize that dinosaurs and humans HAD to have existed at the same time. When I thought of dinosaurs, it was a human-less world. Of course, I know the truth now, but any book that combines nature study with Creationist learning is well appreciated by me. It makes my job teaching my boys a little easier when I don't have to edit and mark out and reword. Though I will continue to do so with other books and continue to teach them the truth, I really like this book!

Within this book, there are 4 of the Curious Creatures I Can Read books.

Rain Forest Friends
Jungle Beasts
Polar Pals
Curious Creatures Down Under

For us, this isn't a book to just sit down and read straight through. It IS great to occasionally look at animals and facts, but I like it best for a supplement to teaching about a group of animals at a time. For example, if we're studying about rain forest animals, we can turn to that section and look at some of the animals within the rain forest group. If we're talking about elephants, we can turn to the pages specifically for elephants. There are lots of facts and pictures throughout, and best of all, God is always mentioned as The Creator.

Even when I'm not reading it to them, my boys have enjoyed looking through the pictures and making up stories to go with the animals(which is always fun). :)

We give this book a highly recommended for little ones!

*We were provided a review copy in exchange for our honest opinion.

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