Saturday, May 31, 2014

Come on, Get Hap-py!

Sometimes when life gets especially hard, you just have to pray, cry it out a bit, read the book of Job(because that always puts things in perspective), and think about the things that make you happy.

These are a few of my favorite things(that make me happy):

My family, of course!

(taken by our family photographer)

I love the way my Grasshopper laughs so hard at his own jokes before finishing that we don't even know what the joke was.

I love the way my shy Firefly, every once in awhile, forgets that others are watching and really lets his personality loose.

I love the way my little Bumblebee crinkles up his nose, and snorts when he's especially happy.

I just love my husband, period. He's worked so hard this past month trying to get our home fixed. It seems as though if there was a problem to happen, it happened, though I know it could have been worse. He's kept moving forward!

This song. It always makes me want to dance around like a child.

Our new "butcher block" counter top that my handyman hubby made. I'm pretty proud! (I'll plan for a tour of our little home once flooring and touch-ups are finished.)

Peach popsicles(in the only brand I'll eat)!

The boys wanting to play "hide and stink".

(Sink is also "stink". At the doctor's office, Grasshopper proclaimed, "You have a stink!" After a little bafflement/amusement from the doctor, I explained he couldn't pronounce that word "sink" correctly.) Jonathan and I always laugh at the mispronunciation, though.

The MOMENT the power comes back on after an outage.

Winning a book I REALLY want to read.

A book I've REALLY wanted to read finally arriving at my library. (The Golem and the Jinni , I'll see you shortly! All 800+ pages of you. :O)

Loving Your Husband by Patsy Loden((amazing (work)book, y'all!))

Deactivating Facebook(cutting those strings is always freeing!)

Watching the little pair of Cardinals steal dog/cat food off the porch together. (the adventures of married life as a bird=fun times)

The rare quiet time in the morning when I can hear nothing but the birds singing.


What makes you happy?


  1. Amen sister.

    Reading always settles me. I start with the bible first (for centering) then switch to fiction (for distraction).

    I love your buggy beautiful names for your family.

    LOVE Happy!

    You should SO share a pic of your countertop.

    Hide and stink? LOL

    I do love the mornings with the birds singing too.

    Great post.

    FAB picture.

    1. Thank you! :)

      I'm planning on some pictures as soon as some of the tools are cleared away, AND I get batteries for my picky camera.

  2. Yep--it's the little things. :-) I love cardinals, too.

    1. They're such fun little birds to watch! :)

  3. You should tease us with your butcher block, even if the rest isn't ready. We just got an over-the-oven microwave...a week ago. But I haven't had clean counters to take a picture yet. :( Bad me...too messy.

    I so enjoyed this post and taking a peek into your world.

    1. I got my camera to post a little peek and discovered my camera has been robbed of batteries. :P It's a picky little thing and only takes new batteries(I tried some from around the house). I plan a peek soon! :)

      US TOO! (on the microwave) Isn't it exciting?! :D Ours is still on the counter, because Jonathan has to move the plug outlet for it to fit, and he hasn't had time yet. I'm super excited for some counter space, though. During the remodel, we moved the stove, so we would have a longer counter space, and couldn't stand the thought of the microwave taking up a huge chunk of it, so an over the oven microwave, it was.

      I'm so excited for y'all! :D It's fun times reclaiming space.