Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekly Randomness(6)

In the book world:

Ah, lots going on in the book world! :D

I'm challenging myself to a little reading marathon this weekend, and I'm very pleased with my progress so far. Lots of reviews coming!

I just got to see the lovely cover for To Die Once by Miranda Uyeh. (one of my "current reads"...not very far in, but I'm intrigued!).

The company Jonathan works for is in a whole new town, which is also the home of one of my favorite thrift stores. He had to turn in some paperwork, so we all took a little field trip, and I enjoyed browsing around, especially in the book department. I ended up with a huge stack of books and games(two *were* still in plastic!) for the boys. I got some great potential books to add to our homeschooling line up.

When I saw a copy of The BFG by Roald Dahl, I cheated at my book buying ban. I could say it's for the boys, but I'd be lying. ;) I'm excited to get to it, though.

Gratefulness for:

-Beautiful weather!!! We've enjoyed relaxing time outside.

-Flowering trees/bushes, and flowers, in general!

-Jonathan has been home more than usual this week, and we've enjoyed our time with him.

-A waived waiting period for insurance. :D (prayers still appreciated as the kinks are worked out, though!)

-Shoe discussions on Facebook that alerted me to the wonderful invention of No-Show Socks that I can wear with my "Sunday" shoes. (Ah, I live a sheltered life!)

-Another Facebook tip that Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms by Gloria Furman might be just what I need to read right now. And, it is(so far!).

-Picnic baskets

(another thrift store find....I imagine FUN things when I see them.)

-Bloggy friends! Y'all always encourage me so, and I love seeing what's going on in your lives. :)

So, what's going on in your worlds? (I really want to know!) :)


  1. I hear ya on weather and flowers. Hoooray!
    GREAT basket. I need one of those.

    1. I almost did a happy dance when I saw it! ;)

  2. Glad the insurance was waived!

    We had a productive week at our house...which was totally needed. Got a few yard projects done and some other items which needed to be crossed off the list. Glad for this weekend!

    1. We're very, very grateful on the insurance!

      Yay for yard work! We're hoping to get some done, too, once this rainy weather goes away. (Came out of nowhere!)