Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Randomness

I'm a procrastinator! After some gentle encouragement from my hubby to change that unfortunate trait of mine, I've decided it's time to change!

My ultimate goal is to read any review books and write all of my posts 2 weeks in advance, but for now, I'm aiming at a week in advance.

I've decided that a weekly wrap-up/planning post might be good for me. In this post, I'll mention a few highlights from my week(mainly for my own remembrance). I'll mention what posts are coming up in the next week, and I'll also mention what books are mandatory reads for the coming week and what books I simply want to read. I'm hoping this will help me focus more. Planning my reading a month in advance just doesn't work so well for me, as much as I've tried! There's still quite a few books I read at the end of last year that I liked and want to feature on my blog, and hopefully, put them on your radar, too. Hopefully, this will inspire me to finally get that done.

The setup of this post has been inspired by Bookworm1858's "Weekly Ramblings" posts. I always enjoy reading these! ;)

So, here we go:


We got SNOW in our little part of the world!!!!! :D It's a rare event!

My boys were excited to build a little "Frosty" and make some snow ice cream.


I've had some severe pain in my face in the past few weeks. I can't even describe to you just how bad this pain is! After some antibiotics, inflammation medication, Tylox, and Lortab that didn't even begin to touch it, my doctor believes I have some nerve damage. He's sending me to a neurologist, and gave me Neurontin. After a few days on that, I'm giving praises to God for blessing someone out there with the knowledge to create that medicine. I still have pain, but it's not near as often. It wears off by the end of the day, and I'm still having trouble making it through the night due to the pain, but I'm grateful for any relief. I'm planning on a dentist visit as soon as possible to make sure there's not a wisdom tooth problem or tooth nerve damage. I'm ready to be rid of this horrible pain, though. (I'd love any prayers you'd like to send up for me!) ;)


Our oven is fixed!!!! :D After a month and a half of no oven, I've learned just how much I appreciate the thing! We were grateful for Annette's Fettuccini Alfredo recipe! And, these Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake bars were a blessing for my chocolate cravings!


Posts coming up next week:

Only the Best by S. Craig

Fun Loving You by Ted Cunningham

Mind Games by Kiersten White

A post featuring several books that I chose not to finish.


What I hope to read this week:(not set in stone)

Princess Ever After by Rachel Hauck(hardcopy review)

As far as my "fun" reads, these are calling me the most right now, so I'll choose whatever is calling me the loudest as I go, and read as many of them as I can fit in my schedule.

Skin and Other Stories by Roald Dahl(library e-book)

Death Sworn by Leah Cypress(edelweiss e-ARC)

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley(library e-book)

Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster (Library e-book: It has the pictures!)


So, how has your week been? What are you reading/planning to read this coming week?


  1. Fun!!!! I love seeing your beautiful babies.

    Oh no about your face. Good luck figuring out what it is. I wonder if it's shingles or something?

    1. Thank you! :)

      Oh, I hope not! As far as appearance, nothing is out of place, so everyone is pretty baffled right now. :S

  2. I will enjoy these weekly posts and getting to know you more. :) Sorry to hear of your pain. It sounds awful! Will be praying for you. So glad you enjoyed some Fettuccine Alfredo when you didn't have your oven! What was the first thing you baked?

    The chocolate cookies are similar to No-Bakes...but healthier. :)

    1. The first thing I cooked was "cheeseburger" casserole(pasta, tomato paste, seasonings, onion, soy "meat", and cheddar cheese). It's simple, but one of my favorites! I also did a coconut pie for Jonathan. I'm so happy to have it back!! ;)

      I grew up with those no bakes, but instead of chocolate chips, we've always made it with cocoa and milk. I prefer so much with the chips. I even gave some to my parents, with the recipe, and they like it better, too. :)

  3. thx for stopping by FHC ! hoping that pain is on its way...