Thursday, February 20, 2014

Didn't Finish

Despite the fact that I chose not to finish any of these books, there's still potential. I'll mention them in case there's one you might like.


I started reading this one thinking it was non-fiction. Sad, I know! It's told in diary form by several characters, and I had a hard time keeping them straight. Honestly, though, I just felt like I was wasting my time reading it. It wasn't my kind of read(at least right now).

From looking at reviews, it seems it ends on a huge cliff-hanger, which bugs me anyway. :P Ultimately, I decided to move along.

The Lord of Opium

This book is the sequel to The House of Scorpions. I had full intentions of reading it first, but it didn't work out. I really wish I'd made time for The House of Scorpions first, though. I felt like I was missing so much back information. I've heard great things about The House of Scorpions, so maybe if I'd read it first, I'd like this one more. I kept coming back to it over and over for weeks, and just couldn't get into it.

The book has a very dark, political, science-y feel to it, so if that's your thing, give it a try!


I'll still probably come back to this one at some point, just because I fully expected to like it. I know it's sad, but my biggest turn off was when the main character's dad was heard appreciating another woman's body(while his wife was in the next room). I find that completely inappropriate in a middle grade book. Y'all are used to me by now, though! ;) Also, I just didn't find myself liking it as much as I thought. For the most part, I seem to be in a reading slump right now, so maybe that's more of my problem.

Crazy Stories, Sane God: Lessons from the Most Unexpected Places in the Bible

This one was much different than I expected. I guess I was hoping for more of a Bible study. It seems to be more like Bible events summarized, and then the author's opinions on what we can take away from it(about God, the people, or us).

Mostly, I just didn't connect with the voice of the book, nor did I like some of the wording. I actually stopped reading when the author said he hated Jacob, and he hated that story.

There really was potential for this one, though!


  1. Sidekicked: Really? Wow. That is inappropriate. So disrespectful. Not the right thing to show kids.

    1. Really, it was mild, but definitely still there. I was surprised, and disappointed. I'm still curious to read a little further when I recover(;)) to see if that's the only issue.

  2. Several times last year I did not finish certain books because they just didn't resonate with me or I wasn't in the mood for them.