Friday, February 14, 2014

Candle Bedtime Bible

Candle Bedtime Bible by Karen Williamson and illustrated by Cristin Tappin

Candle Books (October 1, 2013) 160 pages

My Thoughts:

The older I get, the more picky I am about Children's Bible related books, I think. I need to go back through many of the Bible related books on our shelves and see if I missed things in the previous years.

This book is somewhat divided into chapters. For example, there's a chapter called, "Troublesome Twins". Within that chapter, there are 7 events about Jacob and Esau. (I try hard not to call anything in God's Word a "story", but it is so hard sometimes!!!) There are 5 pages total for that chapter, and one of them is a full page picture. Many of the "stories" are really one event broken into parts.

At the beginning of the book, there a "contents" section, where you can see what "stories" are 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. I guess depending on how much time you have when reading will depend on what "story" to pick. ;)

Now to the content. I haven't read through the whole book. I kind of read here and there, but I'm not overly a fan. As always, there ARE some "stories" that I liked the wording. There ARE some of the "stories" that I will most likely use in our Bible study with the boys.


There's also many that I didn't like the wording. There's a great deal of additions of things that MIGHT have happened or things a person MIGHT have thought. Based on my previous experience with a children's Bible book, I went to the rewording of "The Ten Commandments". Once again, this book has Moses writing the ten commandments on a tablet(even in the picture, too), when in Truth God wrote the ten commandments with His own finger. (Exodus 24:12, Exodus 31:18)

Because of that, I know to be especially careful with this book. I haven't read it with my boys yet. I'll pre-read anything that I do use with them. (Of course, that's pretty much true with all of these kinds of books.)

Overall, if you don't mind reading about things that might have happened or been said, then you might really like this particular book! I still recommend being especially careful with anything that *changes* God's Word.

*Thanks to Kregel Publications for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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