Saturday, January 4, 2014

My 2014 Book Buying Ban

I have several small reading challenges(improvements) that I hope to work on in 2014. Among them:

-More Bible study! (which should always be my #1 reading goal)

-Read more classics.

-More diversity in my reading AND in the books I read to my children. (covers included here!)

-Read history and biography type books.

-Finish books I start(only the ones I'm actually enjoying...I let too many books I'm enjoying go unfinished due to review book needing priority!).

-Read more non-fiction with things I'm struggling with and/or want to know more about(social phobia, depression, autism, SLEEP)

-Take on fewer review books. (I still want to figure out a set number of books a month I'm willing to take on, and be strict with that. I haven't picked a number yet, though.)

My big challenge for 2014?

I challenge myself to not buy books!

My rules?

-I can't buy a book for myself under any circumstances.
-I can only buy books as gifts for others.
-I can only buy books for my children in relation to a holiday/birthday type gift.
-Paperbackswap/trading DOES count as buying books, because I still have to pay for shipping. I do have 3 credits left at PBS, and I plan on using them very wisely through this year. I can't buy or trade for anymore credits after that, though.
-I can receive books as gifts. Amazingly, I did get a book for Christmas! :)
-Free e-books don't count as buying, 'cause they're FREE!

I'll still be supporting authors/books, because I DO plan on giving them as gifts, and I'll work harder to promote those books I really love.

My contentment with books is just not at a good place. (My contentment isn't at a good place, period!) I keep adding more and more books into our home, and they sit too long unread. We're attempting to fully embrace a lifestyle somewhere between minimalistic and simple this year. I think this challenge will go a long way with working on my contentment in all areas. (I hope, anyway!) My goal is to read what I have on my shelf and only keep the ones I love. (My goal is to only surround ourselves with things we love, period.) The others will be passed on. I also plan to use my library(both physical and e-books) for a great deal of my reading, along with netgalley. Of course, I'll still be reviewing books in physical form! I'll try to pass most of them on, though.

By posting here, I know I'll be held a little more accountable. Keeping it to myself would be a setup for failure, I believe.

So, what's your big goals this year(reading and/or otherwise)?


  1. :) Last year I only bought used books once, and that was when the whole family went to look. I avoided the bag sale at the local Book Barn...Because, like you, I have too many waiting to be read. I must say, I did buy a book this year and already finished it. (The Blue Castle)

    It sounds like a wise endeavor for the year. One thing with review copies is you never know if they're going to arrive in five days or five weeks.

    I also want more Bible study. Do you plan to use a study or just on your own?

    1. The Blue Castle was a good choice, though! Plus, it didn't sit around unread. :)

      Those cheap kindle books keep adding up for me, and cheap used books, too. Things have gotten too cluttered around here. :S

      I agree on the review books. I'll think I've been spacing books apart, and then they suddenly flood my mailbox. They're hard to resist, so I'm going to have to come up with a monthly maximum!

      I usually need some guidance on Bible study! I like picking a certain person, or book, or chapter, or subject, etc of the Bible, and then using books to help me along. I really want to go back to a couple of review books that I liked, but had to rush through for a timely review. I'd like to do a deeper study with them. (Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore and Sword Study for II Timothy)

  2. You go girl.
    I stick to my library like glue.
    I LOVE my bible study too.

    1. I'm especially loving my library, since I can get e-books from them now! Just makes me happy. :D

  3. I've been thinking about doing the same thing. I've got tons of books at home and really don't need to buy anymore!

    If you want to know more about autism, my sister-in-law who works with special needs children, recommended I rent a movie called Temple Grandin. It's about a young woman with autism and it was very interesting. I think she (Temple Grandin) has written quite a few books too.

    Happy new year! : )

    1. I didn't know about the movie! I'll have to check that out! Thank you for that recommendation! :) I have one of her books on my library list, and I'm excited to give it a try.

  4. These are great goals, Bluerose! I have decided to read the Bible in one year. I started Jan 1st, looked up a schedule and started. I'm also reading more non-fiction on topics that not only interest me but help me improve my health, physical and emotional.

    I totally understand your book buying ban. My bookshelves are groaning and I need to do a clean-up once again (I do on every 6 months).

    I hope you succeed in keeping your goals!

    1. I need to do the one year Bible plan! I'd been reading through the New Testament before bed, but I'd like to get in the Old Testament a great deal more, too!

      I've been craving non-fiction more than ever this past month. I'm learning more! Plus, you've put a couple of them on my reading list. :)

  5. I'm always sorry to hear that anyone is a fellow sufferer with phobia/depression issues, but I'll be interested to read any reviews you post on such subjects this year.

    1. I'm always sorry to hear it, too, but at the same time, I find comfort that I'm not alone. Then, I just feel bad for that! ;)

      I have a few titles on my library list for depression, but I've had a hard time finding much for social phobia. :S

      I'm so glad you commented! It's always fun to "meet" new people!