Friday, September 13, 2013

"Knowing My God" Children's Books by Callie Grant

Jesus Shows Me

I couldn't help but smile when I opened this book. I'd recently ordered Five-Minute Devotions for Children: Celebrating God's World as a Family. It's a devotional book AND a nature study. Jesus Shows Me is a perfect supplement to those devotions! It compares the love of Jesus for us to the wonders of nature that God created. It includes photographs of animals alongside each comparison.

"God made the dolphins to leap, flip, splash and race.
They seem to enjoy playing as much as you do!
Playing gives a great feeling inside, a feeling of joy.
Knowing the love of Jesus can make your heart feel that way."

Jesus Invites Me

Jesus Invites You compares times in our life to what it's like to have Jesus in our life. Alongside the comparisons are photographs of children and animals.

"So tender, sweet and helpless, babies bring joy to all
who love them. Jesus was sent into the world like
that. As a baby, He rested in a manger surrounded by
the kinds of hardworking animals that wear a yoke."

Mud Puddle Hunting Day

This is an adorable book that shows us the joy of a rainy day. Too often I'm telling the boys not to get wet or dirty. I tell them to stay away from those mud puddles. It always makes me smile on those days that a little dirt and water isn't going to hurt anything, and I say, "Go ahead.". Rainy days really are a joyful experience, and the perfect time to read this book! Just be prepared for some rainy day adventures afterwards!

"Birds huddle in nests,
beetles swirl in a bath.
Squirrels peek out from trees,
I squish-squash on the path."

All of Me That You Can’t See

All of Me stresses the importance of the things *within* ourselves are what really matter. It helps a child to understand that God doesn't see that scar, or those glasses, or whatever a child is self-conscious about. He cares about what's inside.

"My mind learns most
from Mom and Dad,
the games we’ve played,
the books we’ve shared."

"Grandma says we’re made like Jesus.
The soul inside is how He sees us."

*A huge thank you to Shelton Interactive for providing a copy of Jesus Shows Me and PDF copies of the other three books in exchange for my honest opinion!


  1. Oooo these all sound great. Especially the first two.

  2. Mud Puddle Hunting Day sounds like it would be....easy to identify with around here! :)

  3. Mud Puddle Hunting Day sounds like it would be....easy to identify with around here! :)