Thursday, July 25, 2013

May the K9 Spy by KC Frantzen (FREE E-BOOK!!!!!)

There are lots of special things going on with this tour, so check out the Blog Tour Headquarters to make sure you don't miss out on anything!!! Don't forget to stop by the other blogs participating, and find all those letters for the scavenger hunt! My letter is in bold. Do you see it? ;)

May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy

May is an adorable little Schnauzer that has beaten the odds and finds herself suddenly in a loving home. After being abused and neglected for so long, this lifestyle is taking a little getting used to. Her new siblings are a big adjustment, too! May soon discovers she's pretty special, though. Life starts changing rapidly for May as she learns how great life can be.

May on the Way is May's journey to becoming a K9 spy. She sees many new environments throughout the story and it was fun seeing it all through her perspective. The whole story is told from May's point of view, and the world looks quite different from a dog's thoughts!

With a sweet dog story and illustrations throughout, this is a delightful little treat for younger middle grade readers!

May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris

May Finds a Way picks up right where the 1st book left off, and May is in K9 training. When she suddenly gets dognapped, and finds herself in Paris, her world is expanded even more!

May Finds a Way is FREE until July 27th, so make sure you grab your copy!!!

*I was provided review copies in exchange for my honest opinion.

KC Frantzen learned to speak critter at a young age. She and her husband volunteer with a variety of projects, including the Joni & Friends Wounded Warrior Getaway. They enjoy traveling just about anywhere, which helps formulate ideas for May the K9 Spy. The family lives in the country hills of middle Tennessee with two Arabian horses and several rescue dogs, including the real May.

Learn more about KC and May at

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  1. Good morning Miss Bluerose!

    THANK you for hosting us today and sharing with your readers. I'm thrilled! Did you and your family enjoy my stories? :D

    It's pawmazing how you can start off in a really bad situation but end up... well... as a K9 Spy for example! BOL!

    You just never know. One thing I always say, "Opportunity is on the way." And it's so true. Thank you again for having me today. I'll check in to chat and answer questions so let me know.

    Bye for now,
    love from May

    1. May, you make me smile! :D

      Thank YOU for allowing me to be a part of your tour!

  2. What a sweet review, Bluerose! :) Thank you so much for being part of the tour - we appreciate you!

    Maybe your boys will enjoy May's stories when they're a little older? :)


    1. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I had fun reading about May's life, and I'm keeping her stories on my Kindle for when the boys get a little older, for sure! :)

  3. Great way to start kids reading... We've heard that from many parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles...

    One Mom wrote a whole blog about how my book changed her son's life! *blush*

  4. Hi Bluerose, Great review and thanks for the super promotion for May and KC. I'm so excited to have good books to give to my grand nieces and nephews.