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Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions and Unglued Devotional:60 Days of Imperfect Progressl by Lisa TerKeurst

Zondervan (August 7, 2012) 191 pages

Zondervan (December 18, 2012) 208 pages

My Thoughts:

A couple of years ago, I read and loved TerKeurst's Made to Crave. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Unglued, too. I really connect with Terkeurst, both in Unglued and Made to Crave. I found myself laughing as she described her thoughts or actions and related a little too much. Plus, she's very open and honest about her imperfections, which I always appreciate.

"All these reactions I've described are not things I'm proud of. Yuck, right? Yes, but these aren't labels I carry around with me. These are things I'm identifying about myself so I can bring my raw emotions and unglued reactions under the healing authority of Jesus. And it's also important to clarify that I'm only talking about my unglued reactions here. When my emotions are level, I am like the little girl in that movie, The Help, to whom the beloved Aibileen leans down and whispers, "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."
Jesus has made me a kind-hearted person, full of encouragement and eager to inspire any person who gets within ten feet of me. Jesus has made me smart enough to know that I need Him-desperately and fully. And Jesus has assigned all of us the important job of representing Him to this world, which means we re-present Him everywhere we go."

Becoming "unglued" doesn't necessarily involve raising one's voice! (Although, I do dream of one day being like Michelle Duggar in the fact that the madder she gets the lower her voice gets. Can't say I've achieved that yet). It could mean stuffing those feelings deep down inside, causing negativity to grow more and more. It could mean that negative thoughts and constant blaming are going on inside your head. It could mean taking these kinds of things(whether thoughts or actions) out on family/friends or strangers. We're all different! Terkeurst has a chapter explaining different kinds of "unglued" reactions and you can decide which one(s) most resemble you.

I bought the e-book version of the book Unglued(which is still only $3.79 as of this posting), but I was provided a review copy of the Unglued Devotional. I learned that the Unglued Devotional is pretty much the book broken up into 60 bite-sized pieces. Which one I recommend to you depends on what type of reader you are. I preferred the book. If you like doing little devotionals here and there or at a certain time each day, then the devotional might be best for you. I like devotionals fine, but I prefer sitting down with a book and reading as long as time will allow me. Plus, I'm not the best at reading a chapter a day kind of thing. I wish I was sometimes, and I do try it quite often. "Try" is the key word there!

Unglued was a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it. I think *most* of us come "unglued" in some way or another. ;)

"Some moms are equipped by the hand of God to be "that mom." They have been formed with the three-C gene - Cooking, Crafting, and Cleaning come easily and naturally to them.
Others of us have been delightfully chosen to provide the comic relief necessary to keep the world entertained. And to keep future therapists in business."

*As I mentioned above, I bought the book, but I was provided a review copy of the devotional in exchange for my honest opinion.

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