Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren

I decided to just lump all three of these into one post. A great deal of my thoughts involve all three of them, so this just seemed easier.

My Rating: 5/5 stars(for the whole series) I really debated between 4 and 5 stars, because there is a great deal of things that I didn't care for with this series. But, I was sucked so completely into their world, even after I stopped reading, that I have to give it 5 stars. And, I really did end up liking WAY more than I didn't.

Really quick summary:

Gabi and Lia accidently discover a portal to 1332 Italy.

My Thoughts:


When I first started reading Waterfall, I didn't like it. There was TONS of teenage slang, and it bothered me. Why? I don't know. Maybe it made me feel old. :) I've never been a big fan of heavy slang use in books. I also thought Gabi was a complete brat. I really didn't care for her that much, unfortunately.


Good grief! This one was non-stop action. I was exhausted by the end just reading it.


By now, I was mostly used to the language, although I still don't like God being referred to as "The Big Guy". I warmed up a bit to Gabi. She didn't grow as much in her Christian journey as I thought she would. She also makes some horrible choices(don't we all, though).

I was really hoping Torrent would be much slower in pace, and it was! The first half let me fall for Lord Greco, the second half for Marcello(finally). I never disliked Marcello, but it wasn't until Torrent that I grew to really like him. I was surprised there wasn't more of Lord Greco, though. I thought he'd play a bigger part, judging from all the crushes around the web. I'm going to assume he has a much bigger part in the novellas. To show you how much I do like this series....I am going to HAVE to read the novellas on my computer, which I detest! But I'm willing to just so I can read more about the gang.

Torrent was also much more passionate than I anticipated. I've saw HUGE fans of this series tear a secular book apart for the SAME thing, so I'm a little confused about what's different. (I tend to go in the opposite direction).

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was also surprised that Gabi suggests having sex before they are married, since nobody would know. It's Marcello who tells her God will know, and refuses. In what is supposed to be the last book of a series, and since Gabi has been strengthening her faith through the each of the books, I was just...surprised.

And the Dad?! There were several parts of the time travel aspect in this series that didn't add up, but the dad part was the one thing I couldn't completely accept. The 2012 girls(where Dad/Husband is dead) go back to 2010(where he's living) and grab him. They then head back to 1343 with him. Well, shouldn't 2010 girls be wondering where in the world Dad/Husband went. He just disappears from their lives? I know when time travel is a main subject, there's most likely going to be things that are confusing. That was the only part that my mind couldn't seem to wrap around.

END SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn't a series I would recommend to just anybody. If you like teenage drama, love at first sight romance, time travel, and TONS of action, AND you are a mature reader, then definitely give them a try! (Honestly, though, if I'd saw that description I probably wouldn't have picked them up. This series seems to crossover to ALL kinds of readers, it appears). The teenage slang is probably the only reason I'd hesitate recommending it to some of you, and the passion for the younger readers.

Just make sure you've got all of them ready, because the endings are cliffhangers, and you'll want the next one handy. It will pick up immediately after the one before. I didn't mean to read these all at once, because I do have review books waiting, but I couldn't stop!


There's lots of passion in the Torrent, but the first two I don't recall TOO much. There's TONS of violence in all of them. It's definitely a series for mature readers.


  1. I had a lot of problems with the time travel (most specifically the fact that they decided to stay) and I wish there had been more of the Christian aspect. For me, I prefer her new series starting with Glamorous Illusions. I would recommend checking it out with the caveat that it's not as action-packed.

  2. I agree! I never understood why they didn't at least attempt to talk the guys into coming to present day, where chances of survival were much greater and hygiene was much better. :)

    I'm actually reading Glamorous Illusions right now(about 1/4th through), and loving it so far.

  3. I really liked the first book in this series and will read the rest this summer. Now I'm all curious about Glamorous Illusions.