Friday, June 29, 2012

Girl of the Limberlost-June Bookclub

I haven't finished reading Girl of the Limberlost yet, but I still want to record some of my thoughts. I've had the best of intentions of participating every month of the reading challenge, and I've did horrible so far!

Back in January, when the reading list for the year was posted, I looked Girl of the Limberlost up on my library's online catalog, and saw that they had it. When I went to check it out, I realized that if I'd looked closer, I would have realized it was for the VHS of Girl of the Limberlost. So, as much as I detest computer book reading, that what's I've been doing. If I had a working VCR, I would have cheated and simply watched the movie. I'll be honest, and say that since I've mostly enjoyed the story, I do want to know how it ends, but I'll probably skim the rest. I've made it about halfway through at this point.

I'm a big sucker for sugar sweet writing. Of the few books I've read from this time period, they seem to capture that sweetness at it's best.

""It's Christmas for you, too, Margaret!" He shook out fold after fold of soft gray satiny goods that would look lovely against Margaret's pink cheeks and whitening hair. "Oh, you old darling!" she exclaimed, and fled sobbing into his arms."

That's just so sweet I had to snicker when I read it. I actually laughed a good bit throughout my reading!

"To send them a beautiful book, that is the way, is it not, little new friend of mine?"

"Then because she was a woman, she sat on a log and looked at her shoes."


"She's out there laughing like a blamed monkey!" he whispered indignantly."

I did find the writing a bit confusing at times. There were scenes in which it seemed like girls were being cruel to Elnora, but then they would all laugh, and I realized that wasn't the case. There were plenty of times when it wasn't clear what was happening, though.

Freckles was mentioned a good bit, and since I haven't read that book, I was extremely confused as to who he was/is, and what happened to him. Maybe I'll discover the answer with my skimming of the remainder of the story.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, but it definitely wasn't my favorite kind of writing. If I'd had an actual copy of the book in my hands, it's very possible I would have enjoyed it more.

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  1. This is one of my very favorite childhood books. I actually re-read it again just a few months back. I really love it, as well as it's predecessor, Freckles. I didn't personally find anything different about the writing than a lot of older, young adult fiction works. But I read tons of old books when I was little that I inherited from great-aunts and grandmothers. So perhaps that colored my opinion.

    1. Are you referring to the sweet part or the confusing part? Emily of Deep Valley is another one that I think is incredibly sweet, and one of my favorites. :)

      The confusing part of the writing...I've only in the past year or so really started trying to add Classics in my reading. I didn't grow up with them. Sadly, I find a good bit of the Classic reading I've tried to do to be confusing. I'm not used to the writing style and it takes me a little while with it sometimes. I'm working on that, though. :)

    2. Both, I suppose. But mostly the confusing part. I think it's difficult to remember that contextually, older books were written for a different generation with their own worldview, social cues, references, and such. It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes to pick up on subtleties that don't apply to our society today.

      I think for me, a lot of why I like this book is because I have vivid pleasant memory associations with when I first read it. That definitely helps. :)

  2. Yeah, I think it is sometimes snicker -worthy. I read Freckles this time since I read Limberlost a few years ago, and it seemed over the top to me in terms of "sweetness." I did enjoy if, though.

    1. It's always fun to me to see how different they talked in those days, though. :)

  3. I've never read this but I think it might be on the Sonlight list so I may end up readnig it for homeschool. I enjoyed reading your review!

    1. I've been looking at that list, and there's SO many on there I've never even heard of, which is just sad. ;)

  4. I like the way you shared some of those clever little parts that make the reader chuckle. This was my first reading, and I found I enjoyed it more than I expected.

  5. You're right! I had forgotten how confusing the other school girls were. I, too, thought they were being cruel, only to then realize they were sharing in a joke. (I was taken aback by that as well.)

    Personally, I found the second half of the book infinitely more interesting than the first half. (I struggled through the first half.)

    Glad you are playing along!