Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mailbox Monday(February 20th, 2012)

Mailbox Monday is a meme started by Marcia at A Girl and Her Books and is hosted this week by Kim at Metroreader.

This week I got a great encouraging load!! :)

For Review:

The Beautiful Wife: Focused on Christ, Fulfilled in Marriage by Sandy Ralya (book, journal, and mentor's guide)

Fed-Ex dropped off one set of these, and I excitedly opened it. A little later, UPS dropped off a package, and I told Jonathan it looked like the same thing. When I opened it up, sure enough, it was. So, I have one set in a giveaway right now. If you'd like to enter, go HERE.

A Love That Multiplies: An Up-Close View of How They Make it Work by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

I'm SO excited to get into this one!


Wise Words for Moms by Ginger Plowman

Thanks Annette!!

It's time to pull out my highlighter! :)


  1. It's always kind of fun when two copies show up instead of one.

  2. Enjoy your new books! Those look good to me...
    Here is my post!

  3. What a nice surprise to receive doubles! The Duggar book should be a good one. They are a very interesting family!

    1. Enjoy! your mailbox.

  4. It's so wonderful when you are excited by your mailbox contents. Have a good week and happy reading!