Sunday, January 22, 2012

What A Son Needs From His Dad by Michael A. O'Donnell

Bethany House Publishers; Reprint edition (October 1, 2011)

What a Son Needs From His Dad is a really short book at 141 pages. There's lots of wisdom packed in there, though. There were so many things mentioned that I'd never thought about!

Obviously, this book was written for men, but even as a woman, my mind was opened to many things my sons will face, and things they will need as they grow. I do think that men will get more out of it, though. It has managed to get a spot on my keeper shelf, and I will re-visit it as my little ones grow into young men!

My favorite chapter was the one on creativity!

"The benefit to your son when you become a fun dad is that correction is easier to take when he's hearing it from a guy with whom he leg-wrestles, because he knows you really like him in spite of the fact that he just soaked his sister with a hose and made her scream!"

"One important way of helping your son to enjoy life is developing his imagination. Start when he's young and introduce him to the meaning and importance of fairy tales."

"Spontaneity can actually prepare your son to be a great husband, because the element of surprise goes a long way in keeping the romance alive in a marriage."

I just really like that whole chapter! (and the others)!

With this book being so short, the suggestions made are direct and to the point. If you don't like or connect to something being said, it won't be long before you make it to another point.

Overall, I liked it!

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