Monday, January 2, 2012

Lucy Maud Montgomery Challenge

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

I'm excited that I'm finally reading Anne of Green Gables. I won't get into all my thoughts right now, but let's just say this book has definitely won a special place in my heart!

My plans for this challenge are unfortunately a little vague at the moment.

Definite plans are:
-Finish Anne of Green Gables
-Read Anne of Avonlea

I really wanted to attempt reading some Montgomery's works that I'm unfamiliar with(so I wouldn't already know how it ends), but I haven't found any of them yet. I try to avoid buying mass market size books when possible, but I think I'm just going to give that up and buy a magnifying reading page. Little words just hurt my eyes in my old age. ;) I think a magnifying page would just be the easiest route to take.

Tentative plans:
-I really want to re-watch the Anne of Green Gables movie. That's tentative, because at the moment our VCR player isn't working, and I'm not really wanting to buy another one. We just don't typically watch tapes anymore. The only version of the movie my library has is on VCR. I'm going to look around and see what I can find, though.

-I'd also really like to watch the older version of Anne, and maybe compare them. I'm going to look around and see what I can find as far as this one goes, too.


  1. If your library doesn't have other LMM, ask them to look state-wide...I don't like tiny font either!

    Last night I watched the 1934 version! We think alike!

  2. I'm glad you are in and that YOU ARE READING ANNE! ;D

    (Stay tuned for my LMM giveaways this month if you are looking for harder-to-find books. I'm kinda excited! ;)

  3. Annette-
    I really do need to check into what our library will do as far as inter-library loaning!
    I don't think I even knew the older movie existed until a few days ago when I was looking around on e-bay and amazon. I decided I needed to watch it! :)

    It's about time! I hate when I really want to read a book and keep skipping over it. I guess that's the great thing about these challenges.
    Harder to find LMM?! I'm really excited now! :)

  4. Anne - with an 'e' and puffed sleeves!

    Oh how I loved this book. :-) I can't wait to try more books in the series.

  5. Have you gotten to the part where Montgomery used the word 'empurpled' - oh my. I had to stop reading and just enjoy the moment. This author has such a way with words and imagery. Loved it.

    Why haven't I read the next book in the series yet?

    ~ Jenna
    The Book Snoop

  6. Jenna-
    LOL...I hope I haven't. I haven't noticed yet, anyway. I'll have to go back and find it if I read over it. I am really loving her way with words, though!! I'm so wishing for Spring weather with her beautiful descriptions.