Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Common English Bible, Part 4 (With Giveaway)

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Mary Beth

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This week will be similar to last week's post. James is one of my favorite books, so I'll be comparing some verses from Chapter 1. I'll do it a little differently, though. It's really hard to compare verses unless they are side by side, so I'll write each verse from both translations(NKJV and CEB) before moving on to the next verse. I think that will help both of us compare better.

James 1:12-18

NKJV(12)"Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord promised to those who love Him."

CEB(12)"Those who stand firm during testing are blessed. They are tried and true. They will receive the life God has promised to those who love him as their reward."

(I've noticed when "he" or "him" is used in reference to God in the CEB, it's not capitalized. I prefer the capitalization to any word in reference to God. I know! I'm being picky there. And the CEB isn't the only translation to do that!)

NKJV(13)"Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone."

CEB(13)"No one who is tested should say, "God is tempting me!" This is because God is not tempted by any form of evil, nor does he tempt anyone."

NKJV(14)"But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desire and enticed."

CEB(14)"Everyone is tempted by their own cravings; they are lured away and enticed by them."

NKJV(15)"Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings for death."

CEB915)"Once those cravings conceive, they give birth to sin; and when sin grows up, it gives birth to death."

NKJV(16)"Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren."

CEB(16)"Don't be misled, my dear brothers and sisters."

NKJV(17)"Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."

CEB(17)"Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes from above. These gifts come down from the Father, the creator of the heavenly lights, in whose character there is no change at all."

NKJV(18)"Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures."

CEB(18)"He chose to give us birth by his true word, and here is the result: we are like the first crop from the harvest of everything he created."

So, what do y'all thing about the Common English Bible so far? Like? Dislike?




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  1. I like how you do this...a section at a time. I like a lot of the wording...but am also a bit picky.