Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Real by Shelley Malcolm

AuthorHouse (December 16, 2010) 156 pages

About Real and Shelley Malcolm:
“REAL” is a collection of 60 inspirational stories by Shelley Malcolm, with photos by Terilee Dawn Ouimette. The stories are deeply revealing, while the photos are anonymous, focusing only on each subject’s hands. Subjects range from adolescent to elderly, from former gangster to humble homeless, international refugee to hero-housewife, from pro athlete to Hollywood celebrity. While “Real” is her first published book, Malcolm is no stranger to creative projects, as co-owner and restorer of an historic chapel, La Perla del Mar in Shell Beach, CA, and a set designer for theater and film. Shelley Malcolm was named Pismo Beach’s Citizen of the Year in 2011 for her extensive contributions and involvement in the community. Proceeds from the book will benefit the Alzheimer’s Foundation and other charities. Shelley Malcolm graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in dental hygiene. For more information, please visit http://marthamartha.net or http://shelleymalcolmblog.wordpress.com/ Shelley Malcolm resides in Shell Beach, California with her husband, Doug.

Shelley has four adult children. Her interests include painting , drawing, sculpting, building, playing piano and other musical instruments, outdoor activities including hiking, ocean kayaking, running, water and snow-skiing, international travel, sewing, reading, writing and others. Visit www.marthamartha.net for more information.

Real - The Book from David Malcolm on Vimeo.

My Review:

First of all, I want to mention that 100% of the proceeds of Real go to fund several charities. (If you'd like to see what charities, just go HERE. It's the blog for the book and the charities are listed in the sidebar).

This is a perfect coffee table book! There are 60 stories throughout the book about a different person. Each story only takes up one page, with the companion page showing a picture of the hands belonging to the person in the story. It's a perfect book to pick up and read a story or two here and there.

The pictures just really touched my heart. It's amazing what you can take from a picture of hands. Just looking at some of them brought tears to my eyes. I could "feel" how fragile or how strong the person might be, and see how some have struggled through life. They were all unique, yet beautiful!

Real is quite simply a beautiful and inspirational book. It's artwork! It's one of those books that should be shared. The fact that all proceeds go to helping others is a definite bonus!

*I was provided a review copy of Real in exchange for my honest opinion.

**There are also notecards with pictures and stories from the book for sale. If you're interested in those, go HERE.

***If you'd like to buy the book, go HERE.

****To see what other people are saying about Real, go HERE.

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