Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Movies

White Christmas

My all time favorite Christmas movie! Whenever I finally finish my Top Ten Favorite Movies, this one will be on there, too. You just can't have Christmas without Bing Crosby! This year I got The Very Best of Bing Crosby Christmas to add to my Cd collection.

Holiday Inn

Bing again! ;) I've mentioned before that my boys' 1st names were gotten from actors from the 50s(middle names from the Bible). If I didn't feel like I would be torturing my child for life, I would have picked Bing! I couldn't do it, though. I know Kate Hudson did, and I'm a little bit jealous that she can get away with it! I got a great deal of grief for my second son's name anyway, though. :P

Home Alone and Home Alone 2

I really like them both! These are movies that I always watched with my family growing up.

Miracle on 34th Street

The little girl in this movie is just adorable! I do wish the whole "drunken Santa" part wasn't in this one, though.


I just find this movie hilarious!

Little Women

I just really wish Jo had been portrayed by another person, but otherwise, I really like this movie.

The Santa Clause(All 3)

While 1 and 2 are my favorites, I really like all three!

The Polar Express

Last year Grasshopper LOVED this movie! This year he's absolutely terrified of it. He loves trains, and I just can't figure out why he's scared of it this year.

Jingle All The Way

Growing up I always had respect for Sinbad in the fact that he refused to cuss. I'm guessing that hasn't changed. (??) This is a cute movie, though!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ok, if you've been around here very long, surely you expected this one, right?! ;)


  1. O I do love the Polar Express. Awesome list.

  2. There's a few here I haven't seen. I have to confess, I am NOT a Home Alone fan. Like, at all. My whole family enjoyed it growing up but the kid just drove me CRAZY! =D

    Elf was new to us as of last year but we thought it was pretty funny! Haven't seen Jingle All the Way and might just have to pick that one up!

    This was a fun post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. P.S. You know I'm going to have to do this now that I've seen your post, right? I love your Top Ten lists. =)

  4. Juju-
    I like The Polar Express a little more with each time I watch it. I used to hate it, which I think now is just crazy. I always look forward to the "Hot Chocolate" song. :)

    That's so funny about Home Alone! The kid in there doesn't annoy me, but I DO feel bad that there's some other well loved movies I hate, because the kids drive me insane.

    I'm looking forward to your list now! I need to add to my Christmas movies. :)

  5. LOL - I remember watching Home Alone over and over and over....but as a child. :o) I still get a kick out of it if I catch it on TV.

    And White Christmas is quite possibly the BEST Christmas movie ever, if you're after one of the classics. I have to watch it at least once a year, and I haven't gotten to it yet this year (looks like I know what's on my to-do list this week). :o)

  6. Christy-
    Home Alone is one of those I catch bits and pieces as my husband flips through the channels. He likes to watch 3 or 4 different things at a time, which drives me insane! ;) (Probably why I just don't watch much TV these days) If it's on, though, he's definitely flipping to it.

    I haven't got to watch White Christmas this year, either, but I'm determined to get it in! :)