Friday, December 16, 2011

My Reading Challenges for 2012

Reading to Know - Book Club

Reading to Know Bookclub-2012

First of all, I want to apologize for my last post about the Bookclub. I wasn't thinking when I wrote it, and I realized I very well could have hurt someone's feelings. I had no intentions at all of doing that. I really hope this person didn't see my original post, but if you did, I am so, SO sorry. I have edited it now. :) If I ever write anything that hurts anyone's feelings, I definitely didn't mean it that way.

I've already wrote about the Bookclub HERE. Just follow that link if you want to look into more details about it, and see all the books.

The Classic Double Challenge

This one is hosted by One Librarian's Book Reviews. This blog is one of my favorites, but I've always been a "silent lurker" over there. ;) I'd pretty much taken on all that I thought I could, but this challenge is just such a unique(and fun!) idea, AND she has created such an awesome list of book possibilities, that I HAVE to join in. The whole idea is to read a classic of some sort and then read a more modern "re-telling" or a book that mentions the classic in some way. I'm only going to go "small" (read 2 books-one set), but I REALLY hope to read more. I haven't decided what I'm going to read yet. Right now, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is standing out the most in my mind. I also like the sound of reading Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and one of the books she has listed with it. Then there's all kinds of fairy tale re-tellings she has listed HERE that I want to read anyway. So, I'm not sure yet!

The Armchair Cybils Challenge

This one is hosted by Amy at Hope is the Word. It's already happening now, and goes through February 15th.

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Challenge

This one is hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know in January. I didn't do very well last year! And poor Anne! I've had full intentions of reading Anne of Green Gables SINCE last January and I STILL haven't. SHAMEFUL! ;)


The Laura Ingalls Wilder Challenge

This one is hosted by Barbara at Stray Thoughts in February. I've been trying to pick up the Little House books when I see them at used book places. I've ended up with 4 so far. Unfortunately, two ended up being the same book. :P AND, I've ended up with the last 3 books. That's okay, though. I'm pretty sure my library has at least the first two. I've never read any of these books, so I'm excited about this one, too.

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

The Chronicles of Narnia Challenge

This one is hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know in July. Last July when I participated, I really and truly wasn't in the best mentality to read them. I know that sounds crazy, but I'd had my reading challenged, and I was battling that while reading them. I'm through that, so I'm anxiously anticipating finishing up this series. I really enjoyed them even with my "battle", but I know without it I could have enjoyed them more! Like all challenges, I don't plan on waiting until the next challenge month to continue. I really want to read them before July. Time has a way of getting away from me, though. I've actually ended up with several Narnia and C.S. Lewis related titles since then, so they've really been calling out to me!

The Maud Hart Lovelace Challenge

This one is hosted by Sarah at A Library is a Hospital for the Mind. I've read 4 of her books now, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the girls grow up. (Well, sort of)!

I think that's it. That will keep me busy reading through 2012!


  1. (Now I'm wondering...)

    I'm blithely thinking through my posts for the end of the year. Challenges and whatnot. I could pretty much re-post your post as it looks practically identical to mine!

    Definitely thinking hard about how I want to approach my 2012 reading year. These posts are so fun. (At least, in my opinion they are fun!)

  2. It makes things easier for later on. Now I have all my links and info for later on, instead of searching for all of them. :P

    I'm depending on these kinds of posts a bit more lately. It's been harder to read. I expect more reading come January, though. :)

  3. Like Carrie, I will participate in basically the same ones as you...a few less though. I shall write a similar post sometime.

    I don't recall anything offensive in your previous post and hope the offended forgives easily.

  4. Yeah! I'm so glad you decided to delurk AND join my challenge! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the books you pick.

  5. Oooh lots of great challenges. I loved the Anne of Green Gables series. My 5th grade twins are reading Lion Witch and the Wardrobe right now in school and I am reading it to check their homework. I've never read it before. It's pretty good.

    If I don't pop in again before the holidays, have a wonderful Christmas Tammy! :)

  6. Annette-
    I'm so glad you don't remember anything! It means it was probably just my overactive imagination! :) Sometimes I let things I say become more of a big deal than they were. Hopefully, that was the case.

  7. Melissa-
    I'm having fun simply trying to figure out which books I'm going to read! :) I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody else picks, too.

  8. Joy-
    I really liked TLTWATW! I read it for the first time this year, too.

    I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas, too!