Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bible Animals and Noah Jigsaw Book

Grasshopper was extremely excited a couple of weeks ago to receive a package from Kregel Publications. So was I, just to be honest! ;) Inside we found the Candle Library - Bible Animalsand the Noah Jigsaw Book.

Bible Animals is a small set of 6 board books. They are about well known Bible stories, but to add a bit of a twist, they are told from the point of view of the animal involved in the story.

Elephant Keeps Safe(Noah's Ark)
Lion Misses Breakfast(Daniel in the Lion's Den)
The Pig Who Shared(The Prodigal Son)
Little Sheep Gets Lost(Lost Sheep)
Donkey Helps A Stranger(The Good Samaritan)
Big Fish's Supper(Jonah and the Big Fish)

I thought they were very cute! Grasshopper just absolutely loved them!! On the same day, he also received a Toy Story book and a Bug book. The fact that he wanted nothing to do with those books for awhile should tell you just how much he loved the Bible Animals books.

There are many times when I have a 3 year old on one hip and a 6 month old that is just as heavy in a car seat in the other arm with a diaper bag threw over my shoulder. When it comes to entertainment, it's important that I get the most out of the smallest package possible. That's exactly what I've got with Bible Animals!

My plan was to take a picture of the books beside my hand to show you about what size they are, but Grasshopper wanted them! That would be his hand. :)

Later on, we sat down with the Noah Jigsaw Book. Grasshopper very much enjoyed it, too. There's 6 "9-piece" puzzles throughout the book along with the story of Noah. I loved that when you pull out the puzzle pieces, the picture is still there as a guide for Grasshopper. He does great with the individual picture type puzzles. While this is a bit of a challenge for him, he needs the challenge! If it's too easy with the picture underneath, the puzzle can always simply be put together away from the rest of the book to make it more challenging. This puzzle book is a VERY sturdy board book. It was definitely made with little ones in mind!

Another thing that I love about both sets of books is that at the end of each story, the book tells you where you can find the full story in the Bible.

We absolutely loved both book sets!

*A huge thanks to Kregel Publications for the chance to to read and play with these books!

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  1. How fun! I love it! I would love these for my upcoming bundle of joy.