Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grasshopper Goes To Preschool....

I figure this is a great time to update on Grasshopper's speech since it's been awhile.

First an update on sizes:

Grasshopper's 3 year check-up:
21 pounds
32 inches tall

Firefly's 6 month check-up:
18 pounds
27 inches tall

As you can see Firefly is rapidly gaining on big brother!! :)

Grasshopper recently saw a specialist for his size. Before putting him through a great deal of testing, they want to make sure his nutrition is on track. He has to have 2 pediasures a day, and 6 meals. We have to add as many extra calories as possible to his food. He's a very picky eater. He does pretty good as long as we constantly change up his food. At 6 meals a day, I have to stay on my toes thinking up new food choices. I do try to keep it simple as much as possible, though! It's unfortunate that with adding so many extra calorie boosters to his food, I've put back on some of the weight that I'd lost. I'm trying to find a good balance for all of us! The pediatrician informed us that she thinks we could feed him a bazillion calories a day and he still wouldn't grow. He will most likely need growth hormones to grow, but I'm putting forth my best effort on the nutrition part!!

Grasshopper is 3 now, so that means he "graduated" out of the Early Intervention program and got turned over to the school system. For a momma who plans on homeschooling, let me tell you how hard this was for me! I had to think of things that would make me be excited for this change. His preschool room is part of the kindergarten building(the one I went to as a little one). It's right beside the elementary school. He's been going for a few weeks now. It's 3 days a week, for 2 1/2 hours a day, so not a huge amount of time. He really needs this therapy. To qualify for this preschool, a child has to qualify in 2 out of 5 categories. Grasshopper qualified in all 5 categories with flying colors. (which isn't a good thing).

He really has came a long way as far as speech. He's still not close to where he should be, though. He only has a few 2-3 words phrases. He's picking up words on a regular basis, though. His comprehension has a long way to go, too!

One of my biggest concerns with preschool was sickness. Grasshopper stays sick throughout the winter without school. Having a tiny baby in the NICU for 3 1/2 months really makes a person more aware of germs. We are extremely careful with germs! He still gets sick, though! So far, it's only been colds. Bless his heart, though, he has a rough time with them and in general, they stick around for a week and a half each time. He's currently on his second cold since starting a few weeks ago. As far as I've seen so far, he's the only child in his class. He goes to plays and activities over at the elementary school, though, and plays with the kindergarteners. So, there's lots of opportunities to get sick. I'm not complaining. He needs to be around other kids, but I'm still concerned with what he COULD bring home.

When he first starting going to class, he would gladly leave me behind and run to his teacher. I was glad, but it almost hurt my feelings a little bit. :) Now he cries when I leave him, and I've learned it's so much better to have him not care when I leave. No matter what, though, he's always welcomed me back with a big smile and outstretched arms, saying "There's momma!"

It funny that I talked myself into being excited about preschool by telling myself I could get in some exercise while Grasshopper was at school. While it's only a 15 minute(with no traffic) drive to the school, I just figured it would be easier if I stayed in town, instead of coming home. Me and Firefly were going to go to the park and walk and read(and nap for Firefly). It worked great for about a week. Firefly hasn't been sleeping well for the past month or so, though, and it's caught up with me. I'm exhausted! There was one morning that I didn't get to crawl into bed until 5 in the morning. (Thankfully, it's not usually that bad). I'm not a big napper. I suffer from nightmares on a regular basis, and when I take naps, they're worse. I also wake up with panic attacks with naps. I find that most the time they're not worth it for me. Lately, though, I HAVE to take a nap to survive. If I get both boys to take a nap at the same time, I take one, too! (Therefore, I just haven't had a whole lot of time for reading). For preschool to be for such a short amount of time, I'm a bit surprised at how badly our little routine has been thrown off. We're working hard to find a balance in it all, and have added new things to our schedule to simplify. I'll write about some of those changes another day. :)

Well, that was mostly just a whole lot of rambling, but for anyone who was curious, that's a bit of what's new in life around my parts.

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  1. A. He's soooo cute.
    B. Congratulations.
    C. I'm so sorry to hear you have nightmares. *hug*