Tuesday, September 13, 2011

100 Devotions, 100 Bible Songs by Stephen Elkins

Thomas Nelson (September 6, 2011) 208 pages

Kids can read, sing, and learn while they spend time with God!

In 100 Devotions, 100 Bible Songs children can read a devotion, sing a beloved song, and say a prayer all while learning and spending time with God. Perfect for before school, bedtime, or anytime, these short devotions will be fun for kids and help parents grow their children’s faith.

With bright illustrations, great music, and powerful messages, kids will have fun while they learn to walk with God and apply the message of the Bible to their everyday lives.

My Review:

Last year I had the opportunity to review one of Stephen Elkin's other books, 100 Prayers God Loves to Hear, 100 Praise Songs. I still have it on our shelf, and will make great use of it when Grasshopper comprehends a bit more. When 100 Devotions, 100 Bible Songs came available, I couldn't pass it up.

The devotionals are really short, so I think these are perfect for breakfast time devotionals(or anytime!). Each devotional is based on a song(which is on the CDs that come with the book). There's a prayer and a Bible verse attached to each devotional also, and of course a picture.

Based on the verse, Ephesians 5:19 , I've chosen not to listen to music with worship songs. In case there's anyone else out there like me, these devotionals are still wonderful even without listening to the CDs. Many of the songs are old favorites, but there's many I've never heard of. I know I can very easily find the lyrics on the web, though.

There are some of the devotionals that I wasn't overly fond of the wording. That's the beauty of this book, though. I can skip over the ones I don't like or change up the wording. Some might need a little bit of explaining.

For example, there's one devotional that tells children if you give to others, you will get something in return. I would just want to discuss that you shouldn't expect something in return when you give, except a warm feeling in your heart.

I've really enjoyed 100 Devotions, 100 Bible Songs! It is a very sweet and wonderful book to have!

*I was provided a review copy through the Booksneeze program in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Love the devotions combined with songs ... thanks for the honest review.

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