Thursday, June 9, 2011

Read Aloud Thursday

Read Aloud Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Amy @ Hope is the Word.

Before last Friday, the last time I went to the library with my Grasshopper, it wasn't pretty! He screamed the whole time and I was completely embarrassed. Since I'm trying to have a "date" with him a couple of times a month now, we tried the library again. I was pleasantly surprised. :)
The first book he saw (on display!) was a noise-making Elmo book. (It was hid from him after a few days). After that, he spotted a train attached to one of the bottom shelves. He wanted to play with it and just didn't understand why it wouldn't come off. Needless to say, the rest of that trip didn't go so great. (Still good enough that I was pleased overall, though)! :) I managed to grab a couple more books before we left. One we didn't like so much. The other one, we adored!

Come Down Now, Flying Cow by Timothy Roland

This book is about Beth the cow. She decides to take a trip in a hot air balloon and meets lots of people and animals along the way.

I really didn't think my Grasshopper would sit through the whole thing, but he did. The lines read very fast and smoothly while rhyming, so he didn't have a problem at all! We're still teaching him to like books, so I was one happy momma!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle

I know that everybody has most likely read this one before. Grasshopper's speech therapist introduced it to him a couple of days ago, and I'm amazed at how great a book this is for speech! He seems to really enjoy it. She has all sorts of activities that goes along with the book. It's especially great for learning animals and colors. I was so very excited when he said "purple" a couple of days ago. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for some of Carle's other books that might promote some more speech.


  1. ha! Come Down Now, Flying Cow looks cute and funny. Two things which would make it a highly enjoyable read around these parts. I'll keep an eye out for it.

  2. I've seen that Eric Carle book, but I've never read it. Now I find out it has therapeutic value! We'll definitely have to check it out.

    Glad this date worked out better than last time! :-)

  3. We've had our share of embarrassing library moments as well. :)

    I'll have to check out the Come Down Now, Flying Cow book- it looks like one my little boy would enjoy. We are also big brown bear fans! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Brown Bear was one my daughter memorized as a tot.

    Keep on going to the library ... I guarantee it the trips will get easier. I sometimes allow my son to bring a small car or plane into the library to show the children's librarian. Helps keep him occupied and gives him a task to do while we are there.

  5. I love all the Bill Martin and Eric Carle books. So much fun!