Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few of My Blessings This Week

1. I've been getting 5-6 straight hours of sleep every night!
2. My Jonathan is DONE with school!!! It was very hard not having him home much at all.
3. My Jonathan is home SO MUCH more.
4. Pay raise. :)
5. I've now lost all pregnancy weight, plus 10 more. Yah! (I've got 44 to go to get back to marriage weight).
6. Air conditioning!
7. Every little sigh and smile from my Firefly.
8. Big hugs from my Grasshopper.
9. Fat-free chocolate pudding. :)
10. Watermelon


  1. That is a lot of weight in a short time! My husband is also done with school!!!

    I really like the new header!

  2. I've really been praying for motivation! It's amazing what cutting out my sodas and kool-aid will do.

    Yah, that your husband is finished, too! And in time for a new little one. :)

    Thank you. Grasshopper likes to wear those boots around the house. I had originally planned on taking a pic of his feet while wearing them, but he wouldn't be still. So, I ended up doing that one.

  3. Ok, I was just about to be terribly jealous of your weight loss (despite the rude irony of it.) I seem to have a hard time at dropping the weight - although it has come off easier this time. Still, it takes work! And yes, I'm working on it.

    We're about on the same sleep pattern as well. HURRAY! ;)

  4. I always have a really hard time losing weight! That's purely from the water(and I didn't gain a whole lot from the pregnancy, so that was gone within a week). I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to exercise, though, and I have to do that! :(

    I'm glad you're getting some sleep, too!! :)