Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Anticipation is Over!!! It's a ........

BOY!!!!!! :)


  1. Boys are so much fun!! Congrats!!

  2. Congratulations, Bluerose!!! How exciting!!! :D


    P.S. Love the "ya'll" in your comment--reminds me of my visit here in Texas. ;)

  3. Congratulations! That's AWESOME ^_^

  4. Amber- I still remember getting made fun of in college for saying y'all!! :) (Thankfully, it was all in good fun). And I wasn't alone. There was a good mix of north and south language.

    Thank you so much everyone for the congrats!! We're very excited about two little boys!! And at least we already have plenty of clothes for the new little one. We won't have to buy much at all, which makes things much easier! :) Except for the name!! My husband and I can't seem to agree on a name.

  5. Yay!! Boys are so much fun!! She says as her kids run around on tiptoes listening to Shrek music and "quacking" like ducks.

  6. Julia- I just LOVE the Shrek songs!! Those movies have a lot of songs by The Proclaimers.

    I'm very excited for my little boy to have a playmate! Except for church, he's not around many kids.