Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pursuit of Justice by Diann Mills

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (September 7, 2010) 384 pages

My Sister's Review:
Bella Jordan works for the FBI and is asked to do an assignment on some murders in Texas. Murders that are suspected to be in connection with the "Spider Rock Treasure." Although Bella is reluctant on taking this assignment, she does so in hopes of getting a promotion.
Bella is afraid the past will begin to haunt her even more, and as she begins to learn during her investigation, she was right. Bella's life will bever be the same. This book takes us on a journey through Bella's struggles with the past, along with struggles others around her were facing as well. Everyone has battles they are fighting. So, even though Bella took this assignment hoping for a big job promotion, she learned a lot along the way. She will be dramatically changed.
Will Bella be able to go through with the investigation with a clear mind? Can she handle the stress of dealing with her past in the process? And did she ever find out if the murders were involved with the treasure?
I do hope you all read this book and find out. It is very entertaining and exciting.

*5 stars

*Thanks to Tyndale House Publishing for this review copy. A postive review was not required.

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  1. i enjoy books like this. mystery plus self exam. good review rose