Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Big Red" Holy Bible -Contemporary 3-D Art

Thomas Nelson (October 12, 2010)1152 pages

The same "Big Red" Bible that you've trusted for 25 years . . . now with updated, fresh, 3-D art for today's video-game generation.
A full-text of the International Children's Bible translation with bright Red cover and ALL NEW contemporary art, that was created especially for children ages 6 to 12"Big Red" has been updated with an all new collection of beautiful full color pages, illustrating treasured Bible stories. Inside the type is big and readable for this age group. Kids will love having a Bible to take to church that's easy-to-read and understand!

My Review:
This is a fun Bible for kids. I felt it would be more appealing for boys with the colors and all, but that doesn’t mean girls won’t like it. The only issue I have with this Bible is the cover. For the age category that the Bible targets, I would have liked to have seen a sturdier cover. There’s just going to be more wear and tear with kids, so I think a thicker cover would have been more appropriate.
I also really like the translating so younger kids can understand God’s message better. I do encourage you to be careful with different translations. Sometimes they misrepresent what the original version said. I have several versions of the Bible. KJV and NKJV are probably my favorites. I like ESV, but one time in Bible class, I was asked to read a verse, and I did, but I was asked to read the rest of the verse. I had to say, “That’s it.” The ESV had cut half the verse off. NIV is another one to be very careful with. Obviously, I didn’t read through the entire Bible to check every verse in this version, so all I can tell you is to be careful with it. I didn’t notice any specific verse, though. The chapters that I compared with the NKJV were translated to my satisfaction.
The pictures are wonderful. I think they are very appealing for kids.
Overall, the cover would be my only hesitation with buying this Bible.

*I was provided a review copy free from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I agree with you about being careful with versions. Here's a chart you might be interested in:

    I agree with you, I don't prefer the NIV because of differences I have seen.

  2. Thank you for that chart! I've never seen it before, so that's really interesting. There's versions I had never heard of on there. :)