Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Boy Who Changed The World by Andy Andrews

Thomas Nelson (August 31, 2010) 40 pages: Ages 4-8

Did you know that what you do today can change the world forever?

The Boy Who Changed the World opens with a young Norman Borlaug playing in his family’s cornfields with his sisters. One day, Norman would grow up and use his knowledge of agriculture to save the lives of two billion people. Two billion! Norman changed the world! Or was it Henry Wallace who changed the world? Or maybe it was George Washington Carver?

This engaging story reveals the incredible truth that everything we do matters! Based on The Butterfly Effect, Andy’s timeless tale shows children that even the smallest of our actions can affect all of humanity. The book is beautifully illustrated and shares the stories of Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug, Vice President Henry Wallace, Inventor George Washington Carver, and Farmer Moses Carver. Through the stories of each, a different butterfly will appear. The book will end with a flourish of butterflies and a charge to the child that they, too, can be the boy or girl who changes the world.

My Review:
The Boy who changed the world is a wonderful book that I’m so glad I can add to my little boy’s collection. It’s a perfect bedtime story or devotional book. It’s a quick read, so most older kid’s would be able to sit through the whole thing. I love that this book actually gives your child a good lesson. It teaches that no matter who you are, you’re special and you could change the world. I think it could make every child feel like a superhero.

I haven’t read The Butterfly Effect, but this book teaches the same lesson. Every thing we do matters. Each little thing could end up being huge and helping thousands of people. I’ve always believed if children’s dreams came true, the world would be such a better place. I remember as a child wanting to help so many people, but as I got older and older I learned the importance of having to have money for those dreams.
As always, when I finish my review, I look at some of the others. I truly think some people misunderstand the meaning of the story. The point of this book is everything we do COULD make a huge difference. Going for a walk could infuse your child with a love of nature. Feeding your child breakfast could make them happier. Without it, they could be ill, resulting in a fight. The list is absolutely endless! I truly believe that every second of your life is an opportunity for something! I really don’t think the book is saying everything you do will change the world, but that everything you do holds the possibility.

The pictures are beautiful. I love how on most of the pages, there is a butterfly somewhere in the picture. This book was much bigger than I anticipated. It’s one of the larger sized children’s books. I don’t think you would be disappointed with this book. It’s a very sweet and encouraging story.

*Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for my review copy. This was my honest opinion.


  1. Bluerose, So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Your family is in my prayers tonight.

  2. Thank you so much!! That's very sweet and means the world to me!!