Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who Would You Pick For Julie Lessman's O'Conner Family???

After I saw on Relz Reviews that Julie picked Brad and Reese for Cluny and Katie, I thought it would be fun to see who we thought should play the rest of the family if a movie was ever made. I'll admit when I read the books, I probably won't picture most of these. I usually create how the character looks in my head. Sometimes, I like to pick movie stars, though, to make it fun. And some of these will have to be pictured with the character's hair style/color and age. Here's my picks:

Gerard Butler as Patrick

Elizabeth Reaser as Marcy

Jesse Metcalfe as Colin

Kate Winslet as Faith (Of all the covers, Faith and Colin's cover models fit them the best to me. I pictured them exactly like the cover, so it was a little hard picking someone for them).

William Holden as Mitch (I'm looking forward to seeing what Mitch was really suppose to look like in Julie's newsletter)!!

Scarlett Johannsen as Charity

Jake Gyllenhaal as Brady

Katherine Heigl as Beth

Eric Dane as Cluny (This was the hardest one for me!! I literally looked through over a thousand actors on a webpage that has lots listed. I finally decided on Eric Dane. I tried to find a younger picture of him, but couldn't).

Kate Hudson as Katie (I still like Reese as Katie, too).

I still don't have a good enough mental picture of the O'Conner boys, so I couldn't pick anyone for them.

Who would y'all pick for the O'Conner family?????? :)


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  3. Hey Tammy,
    Love your picks for the O'Connor family. I think I would cast Laura Linney as Marcy, your right, Gerard Butler would make the perfect Patrick. Caleb Casas as Brady (although, I think both APMP and APD cover models would be beyond perfect for those two couples' parts). I can definitely see Chad Michael Murray as Cluny and for Katie? Hmmm....I'd say a 30's looking Amanda Seyfried like in this picture:

    Those are the only one I can think of. And I'm glad I'm not the only one whose super excited to see the Mitch model's untouched head shot, in Julie upcoming newsletter. I bet he'll be a major dream boat, to say the least. LOL;)
    I also have a question to ask you Tammy, how did you get your blog to be three columns? I've tried and tried, but I can't ever seem to get to re-write the HTML layout correctly.:(
    Thanks for such a fun post, Tammy!
    Love Ya,

  4. This took me awhile to figure out, sadly!! :)

    Go to template designer-you'll have to pick one of the new designs. I used Awesome, because it pretty much let my keep my design with it. The other's didn't.
    Then go to layout, and pick 3 columns. (if you have an old template, you won't have any option here).
    You will have to adjust the column widths and footer style after you pick 3 columns. These will be stacked on top of each other when you click on layout. (Body layout, footer layout, and adjust width.)
    Your header will probably be right aligned at this point, so go to this link, and it will show you how to fix that.
    I still haven't figured out how to center the footer, though, but I don't guess it's as big of a deal.
    You will also have to play with the colors a bit. After I figured it out, I like the new templates better. You can do a lot more with them. This is easier than it sounds! Let me know if you have any problems.
    I hope all that makes sense.
    Oh, and you'll have to go back to where you got your free background and change it to 3 column. :) I think that everything.

  5. I like your choices, too! Although, I had never heard of Caleb, so I had to go look him up. :)

  6. looks like you took alot of time thinking about choices.thanks for leaving a comment on my blog re military. i think it's great that your church is supportive of those in the military and need prayers. rose

  7. Oh wow! This would be sooo hard for me to do, I think it would literally take me days to chose people to cast as the O'Connor family and friends. I really like your choices, especially Bill Holden for Mitch. He definitely has that kind of suave newspaperman look that I always think of when reading about Mitch! You did a great job!

    XOXO~ Renee

  8. TAMMY!!! I am away at a conference and do not get a chance to get on the Internet much (no Wi-Fi in the rooms!!!), but I saw your blog today and was SO tickled with it!! LOVE Gerald Butler for Patrick (YUM!!) AND Eric Dane and Jake G. are PERFECT!! GREAT JOB!! Not crazy about Kate Winslett, but I've never been enamored with her as an actress and William Holden is not my cup of tea, either. But I guarantee when you see the head shot of the model for Mitch, you will say "that's him"!! So make sure you're signed up for my newsletter, okay???

    Thanks for doing this -- it is SO fun for me to read!