Monday, August 9, 2010

Green Philantrophy for Families by Helen, Justin, and Alexis Deffenbacher

Green Philanthropy for Families.Org (May 1, 2010)130 pages

Description:(from Amazon)
Green Philanthropy For Families is a collection of 160 simple ways in which people of all ages can practice random acts of kindness toward the Earth and its inhabitants and for which only a small amount of money--or none at all--is required. There are twelve chapters, one for each of the following categories of green philanthropy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Repair; Simple Living; Community Service; Ecoliteracy; In Your Own Backyard; In the Garden; Food; Water; Urban Habitats, Wild Places & Wildlife; Saving Forests; Additional Natural Resources Conservation; Green Philanthropy Fundraisers

My Review:
There is a wealth of information in Green Philantrophy for Families! I highly recommend it for all families! It is full of helpful website addresses, free downloads links, gift ideas, and suggestions of how to save our planet. It has tons of activities and fun ideas. I think it would be perfect for homeschool moms interested in teaching a green life style. This is a wonderful teaching tool for children. (and adults)
There’s links to vegetarian recipe sites, which I really appreciate. And lots of places listed that we can donate our unwanted items. I’m amazed at the stuff people throw away! There’s so many charities that could make use of it.
I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the greenest person out there! I’m not the worst, but there’s so much I could do to help the planet more. I live in a small town and recycling is harder. I honestly don’t know of anywhere even close to me that recycles! I need to do my research, though, and start recycling, or at least use products that have less of an bad impact on the Earth.
Before reading this book, I was one of those people who prefer bottled water. I’m going to try hard not to buy anymore bottled water. This book is so much more than the basic “Go Green Tips,” though. We all know the basics of recycle, change to energy efficient light bulbs, turn off the light, etc. This book gives you so many more simple ideas that most of us probably haven’t thought about.
Many times going green results in being thrifty. I know there’s all those “green” products that will truly cost you. I’m a SAHM, so all that expensive stuff isn’t in my budget. The ideas in this book can be applied by everyone, no matter what the budget.
Once again, I really recommend this book!
Green Philantrophy for Families is available on kindle at Amazon and in e-book form at other sites. It’s still available in paper form, too.
*Thanks to the authors for my copy of this book that I won on Goodreads. This is my honest opinion, and I was not required to give a review.

I encourage you to go to the author's website, which is
I truly admire this family for the work they are doing!

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