Friday, July 9, 2010

My Review: The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

Bantam (March 16, 2010) 288 pages

Description: (From
In her latest enchanting novel, New York Times bestselling author Sarah Addison Allen invites you to a quirky little Southern town with more magic than a full Carolina moon. Here two very different women discover how to find their place in the world-no matter how out of place they feel. Emily Benedict came to Mullaby, North Carolina, hoping to solve at least some of the riddles surrounding her mother's life. Such as, why did Dulcie Shelby leave her hometown so suddenly? And why did she vow never to return? But the moment Emily enters the house where her mother grew up and meets the grandfather she never knew-a reclusive, real-life gentle giant-she realizes that mysteries aren't solved in Mullaby, they're a way of life: Here are rooms where the wallpaper changes to suit your mood. Unexplained lights skip across the yard at midnight. And a neighbor bakes hope in the form of cakes. Everyone in Mullaby adores Julia Winterson's cakes-which is a good thing, because Julia can't seem to stop baking them. She offers them to satisfy the town's sweet tooth but also in the hope of rekindling the love she fears might be lost forever. Flour, eggs, milk, and sugar . . . Baking is the only language the proud but vulnerable Julia has to communicate what is truly in her heart. But is it enough to call back to her those she's hurt in the past? Can a hummingbird cake really bring back a lost love? Is there really a ghost dancing in Emily's backyard? The answers are never what you expect. But in this town of lovable misfits, the unexpected fits right in.

My Review:
I had been looking for this book for awhile, and I was also wanting to give audio books a try. I decided to sign up for the free trial at and I downloaded this book. I discovered that I am VERY picky about my audio voices! As Amber @ Season's of Humility wrote in a recent book review, a woman changing her voice to sound like a man is very distracting. I'm also just picky about the voice in general. People's voices have never bothered me, so I'm surprised I'm so picky about this! I'm still looking for an audio voice that I like reading the Bible. I think it would be perfect to get in some extra Bible "reading" time. But anyway, thankfully, I found the actual book at a flea market, so I got to read this one the old fashion way.
This is one that is hard for me to review, because I don't want to give anything away! I pretty much figured everything out, and I think you will, too, but I don't want to take the chance of ruining it for you. I will say it's not what I expected. From the description, I expected it to be more magical and whimsical than it ended up being. It does have magical elements sprinkled throughout, but not anything like I expected.
This was a fun, light read, and I don't think you will be disappointed, as long as you don't go into it wanting to read a fantasy novel. I liked it enough that I would like to read Sarah's other two books.
The ending would lead you to believe there's a sequel, but from what I can find, there is not going to be one.

Parental Concerns: The concerns are very mild! There's some light profanity and a mild sex scene, but with no details. It is between two people that are not married, though.


  1. Isn't it funny how audiobooks work? I mean, I realize that it makes sense to have only one person read it, but it's just kind of strange to hear a woman trying to sound like a man. ;)

    But then again, I remember listening to one of those free audio downloads for parts of the Bible (I think for the book of Daniel), and I found it kind of funny when they did it like a drama--with music and everything! ;) Maybe a bit too corny for my taste!

    I guess the only thing to really say is--I agree with you! I seem to be rather picky. ;) But I have to say that the reader for Forevermore (the audiobook I reviewed) did a pretty good job over all. :) Maybe I just like reading to myself and imagining the voices how I want them to be!

    Wow--this is a long comment! Sorry for the rambling...oh, and thank you for the shout-out for my blog! :D


    P.S. There are a couple of times I like being read to, though: when a member of my family reads to me, or when my friends and I read notes aloud before a test at college! But that's an altogether different story... ;)

  2. Have you heard the James Earl Jones version. I don't think its free, but he has such a clear beautiful voice for reading the Bible. I can't wait to see your review of A Passion Denied.

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