Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Review: Stella Fell by Staci Gillette

Authorhouse(February 9, 2010)444 pages

Description: (From Amazon)
Memories are the gateway to the soul . . . Driven by haunting memories, a woman embarks on a literal soul search unearthing past lives, soul mates and an enduring love triangle.

My Review:
Stella Fell ended up being so much more than I thought it would be. It was truly amazing!! The description is exactly what the book is about, but it doesn’t come close to doing the book justice.
Stella is 38 and married with a teenage daughter. She begins having memories of her high school sweetheart, Jack. These memories literally take her mind out of the present. She starts to wonder if she was suppose to be with Jack instead of her husband. As the memories persist, she starts seeing a psychic, who teaches her how to see into her previous lives. This is where we learn more about the love triangle.
This is also where I really got pulled in, and it was so hard to pry myself away from reading. I just couldn’t wait to see how everything fit together. My husband will come home to a neglected house, because I wanted so bad to find out what happened.
There’s so much that I want to say about the story, but it would be major spoilers. You would be missing out on so much to know the outcome before starting to read it. I classify this book as a fantasy, since it is about reincarnations, but I’m really not sure if it’s actually classified as one.
I think Stella’s story could belong to so many people(maybe without the past lives and all, though), so there’s lessons that can be learned. This book was very unique and I loved Staci’s writing style. I really hope to read more from her!!

Parental Concerns: There was mild profanity and mild sexuality. (It was very mild even in comparison to the young adult books I've read lately).

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