Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Review: Sarah's Garden by Kelly Long

Thomas Nelson(July 13, 2010) 320 pages

When Sarah realizes that she has fallen in love with an Englisch doctor, she must choose between her family and her forbidden love.

Deep in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, shy Sarah King is happiest when working in her vibrant Amish kitchen garden, but new family responsibilities lead her into the confusing world of the Englisch.

Sarah finds her life turned around when she encounters the community’s new Englisch veterinarian, Grant Williams. His blue-gold eyes and his obvious concern for her people attract her immediately. Sarah seeks solace and direction from the Lord as she creates a quilt pattern which details her struggle between two worlds.

The Lord is guiding Sarah to follow His will, but will she listen?

My Review:
I really enjoyed Sarah’s Garden. This is the first Amish book I have ever read, though, so if you’ve read a lot of Amish books, my review might not be the best one to go by.
I loved reading about a simpler life, and Sarah’s garden and quilting adventures. It was a reminder for me not to place so much importance on worldly possessions. (I will always love my power and hot showers, though)! Quilting is something that I really want to learn more about. I love the stories that can be taken away from them.
After reading this book, I want to go plan a garden for my backyard! I never knew there was so many varieties of fruits and vegetables. I saw many names I had never heard of.
There were moments of humor sprinkled in. I absolutely loved the “snoring” scene! I thought it was so funny and kind of sad at the same time. If that were my husband, and I found out, he’d be in trouble!! I still had to laugh, though.
Grant is a veterinarian, so there’s lots of scenes with animals, also. I couldn’t help but cringe reading about the bats. I know that if a person was to touch a bat, they would go through some painful shots. (At least I know a family that had to go through that). The characters in the book touch the bats like baby kittens. It was interesting to read about all the different jobs and recreations of this book.
I plan on passing Sarah's Garden around to my family, because I really think they will enjoy it!

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  1. I'm currently reading this book. Enjoyed reading your review. I'm finding it a bit slow for me.