Monday, May 17, 2010

My Review for Lonestar Homecoming by: Colleen Coble

Thomas Nelson(April 13, 2010) Christian Fiction
If you like contemporary marriage of convenience stories I really think you will like this book. It has romance, of course, and some action. Gracie is the leading lady. She has a daughter, named Hope. On her wedding day, the FBI shows up hunting her fiance, Cid. They suspect him of working with the Mexican cartel. Gracie and Hope are suddenly in great danger. They jump on a train and run. She and her daughter need a new name, so Hope can enroll in school without being discovered. Michael is the leading man. His ex-wife(she cheated on him), has recently died, given him the sole responsibility of their two children, Jordan and Evan. Since he is gone from home a lot with his job( a dangerous job), he needs the help of a wife. A marriage of convenience is born. Gracie battles her urge to run from problems, while Michael struggles with his stubbornness. I’ll let you discover the rest from here. I don’t want to give away any spoilers! J
Positives: I loved watching each person’s growth as an individual and with each other throughout this book. It was especially sweet to watch the relationships grow in connection with the children . When given the opportunity, Gracie and Michael prove their love not only to each other, but also to each of the children, showing no favor towards a certain child. They become a wonderful little family.
Negatives: I’m not really fond of contemporary marriage of convenience stories. It seems so unrealistic, that I wasn’t drawn into the story or the characters as much as I would have liked. In the historical books, which I love, the women didn’t have many choices, and I love reading about the successful ones. These days, there are so many options. No one should take such a huge commitment so lightly! (I know! It wasn’t any less of a huge commitment back in the day, but still). Gracie almost got on my nerves at times, but like I said in the positives, there is lots of growth for each character.
Overall, this was a good book. It is very enjoyable.

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  1. Nice review! What a great idea--to show both the positives and the negatives. It is really hard to get into a story that seems unrealistic.

    Thanks for sharing! :)