Wednesday, May 17, 2017

KJV Journal the Word Bible

My Thoughts:

Journaling Bibles have many wonderful uses. I wish so much that we'd had one at our wedding, so that people could have wrote us notes and advice, and let us know their favorite verses. They're wonderful presents to give to children, or to leave behind for them one day. They're also great for simply writing study notes in.

This one is simple, but elegant. There are quite a few that are lovely for women, but it's harder to find them for men. This one is perfect for men to use(and women, too). The pages aren't super thick, but they're much thicker than the average Bible. They're also off white in color. The writing is larger than average, but not huge. The cover is thick and sturdy.

Other than the lined space for writing on the sides of each page, the titled sections(as is normal with most all Bibles), along with the words of Jesus in red, this is a basic, no extras Bible, in KJV. There's a black ribbon bookmark attached, along with a black elastic band to hold the cover closed. There are no extra notes, comments, quotes, or pictures. It's just a plain and simple Bible.

This KJV Journal the Word Bible is a nice choice if you'd like something simple, but elegant. It has lots of room for creativity and/or notes.

*I was given a free copy of this Bible.

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